In and Out (Jan-Feb Edition)

09 February 2010

the queenbee of In and Out (Lollipop26) has spoken hence this post :)


1. my new place - it's cozy and very home-y :) i am still renting but still i can't help myself but create this tiny place as my home

2. Revlon's Red nail polish - I love love love this polish! i was "told" that Christian Louboutin used this polish to decide which red to go for :) true or not, I really love this red polish. it's a classic red (in my opinion) and reminds me of Twilight....(beeep!) there i said it, it reminds me of twilight that's why i love it.

3. MAC Cherish and Rimmel Nude Delight - 2 of my nude lipsticks that always make me happy when i apply it :) i get compliments galore :)

4. Lanvin Eclat de Arpege perfume - i can spray this 100x a day and never get dizzy or tired of it. maybe not in winter but right now, this is what wakes up my senses in the morning :)

5. countdown to my 30th - well it's around 4 months more until my 30th but the countdown now begins! and this is purely on getting my "savings" up so i can get that "bag" that i sooooo wanted to get :)

6. LDR (long distance relationship) - as much as i am not a fan - i am now in a long distance relationship. i miss my partner so much and at the same time i am happy to be able to experience living on my own :) it's going to be hard but it's going to be rewarding :) i heard from someone that "you have to be your ownself first before becoming somebody else's wife"


1. moving houses - it's a pain and very stressful. you have to have great set of friends to help you and I do (i've got great friends) and i love them dearly :)

2. having no internet - i can't imagine how i survived 10 years ago without it - but then again 10 years ago all i know is IRC and yahoo so there wasn't a "need" to be constantly online. but it's different now!! I am hoping i get connected asap!

2.1 my TiVo isn't recording too due to no internet scenario! boohoo! so i've been missing out on The Hills, Vampire Diaries and Oprah!

3. missing my other half - it's really hard :'(

4. summer - i am over it and i am just waiting for fall and then winter wooopeee!

What's yours?


  1. im counting down my 30 too~ hehe yuppers, LDR is the worst torture >.< but the gr8 outcome is, it shows how much couples need each other!!! hugssssssss

  2. Hi Elle! Hugs back at you :) thanks for the lovely comment :)


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