Hair Experiment #1

14 February 2010

Happy Valentines and Happy Chinese New Year to you!

It's a lonely vday for me this year because of the sad LDR situation but internet is there so bleh! No Dramas! This year .... is all about happiness and spreading it!

Speaking of happiness, i was very bored with my hair and I dont have the time to go to my hairdresser to have something done so i opted for some little experiment to make me happy :P

Timing is essential so what occassion(s) could I pick more appropriate for this tiny experiment? Valentines day because I'd like to look pretty and in control hahahaha and chinese new year - for a fresh start :)

Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of my "before" hair but picture this - it's somewhat turning orange due to the colour fading from the intense Australian sun and also you can see massive regrowth.

I picked up this tiny box... Garnier Permanent Colour Cream in shade 401 (Intense Deep Brown)

And here is what I got :)

My hair is naturally straight but I styled it like this for the occassion :) I like the colour and I wish I got 2 boxes but it's OK for a first try. Maybe in 6 weeks or so I'll pick up the same shade and get 2 :)

Also it's my first time to use Garnier hair colour - blame SJP for convincing me - but I find it pretty much the same as other cream based DYI hair colouring thing. And for the price you pay I think the results are far more OK than just plain "acceptable". But we'll see in a few days how this will react in the sun :)

I am thinking of cutting my mane too... hhhmmm decision decision..

Until my next experiment, have a great day!


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