Finally found a dupe!

08 February 2010

Have you seen Sephora by OPI Metro Chic swatches online and decided you want it but you don't have sephora where you live?

Did you try online shopping only to know that your country rejects any nail polish packages? ie Australian Post?!

Have you perused every nail polish aisles hoping you'll find a dupe and fail?

If you answered YES on all of that then *high five* to you!

We are on the same boat!!

Here is some good news:

I MsChikee of Excellent Makeup dot Com hereby announce that I have found a dupe for Sephora by OPI Metro Chic nail polish!!!!!!!


It's by Kit Cosmetics and it's called Wild Ride. It is very very very similar to Metro Chic. It's purple-grey-brownish aka "dirt" colour which is what Metro Chic is!

It's not really a cheap dupe but it's cheaper than OPI nail polish :) (Note: I am talking about Australian Prices here).

OPI Nail polish is sold $19.95 AUD in David Jones stores and Kit Cosmetics nail polish is sold at $15.95 AUD.

It's not cheap I tell you but worth the money if you're into "dirt" coloured polishes! Thanks to gift vouchers I was able to score one. :)

What other nail polish are you dying to get your hands on but you couldn't find it in your area?


Kit Cosmetics is also available in Myer Stores :)

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