Hair Experiment #1

14 February 2010

Happy Valentines and Happy Chinese New Year to you!

It's a lonely vday for me this year because of the sad LDR situation but internet is there so bleh! No Dramas! This year .... is all about happiness and spreading it!

Speaking of happiness, i was very bored with my hair and I dont have the time to go to my hairdresser to have something done so i opted for some little experiment to make me happy :P

Timing is essential so what occassion(s) could I pick more appropriate for this tiny experiment? Valentines day because I'd like to look pretty and in control hahahaha and chinese new year - for a fresh start :)

Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of my "before" hair but picture this - it's somewhat turning orange due to the colour fading from the intense Australian sun and also you can see massive regrowth.

I picked up this tiny box... Garnier Permanent Colour Cream in shade 401 (Intense Deep Brown)

And here is what I got :)

My hair is naturally straight but I styled it like this for the occassion :) I like the colour and I wish I got 2 boxes but it's OK for a first try. Maybe in 6 weeks or so I'll pick up the same shade and get 2 :)

Also it's my first time to use Garnier hair colour - blame SJP for convincing me - but I find it pretty much the same as other cream based DYI hair colouring thing. And for the price you pay I think the results are far more OK than just plain "acceptable". But we'll see in a few days how this will react in the sun :)

I am thinking of cutting my mane too... hhhmmm decision decision..

Until my next experiment, have a great day!

Perfect Marriage :)

13 February 2010

That is between Lipgloss and Lipstick :)

Anyone who follows this blog knows that I am all about nude lips :) Going to work? nude lips! Running errands? nude lips! Going out? nude lips!

It has become my staple and I've been mix and matching my lippies and I've found a match made in heaven!

Take Rimmel's Nude Delight and pair it with MAC Partial to Pink (cremesheen glass) and you get the creamiest pink/peach/nude lips ever!

It brightens your face in a way that people warms up to you because you look sooo ..... fresh? not the right word i guess but it bring out some "softness" and "feminine-ness" that is soooooo girly?

I am bad in describing it but if you've got these lippies then marry them up and see the results :)

I would say that MAC Partial to Pink is the best lipgloss I've got since MAC Love Nectar. I wish they make it permanent soon :)

What's your match made in heaven lip combo?

Product Review: MUFE Aqua Smoky Lash Mascara

10 February 2010

Ok, let me start by saying that I fought long and hard to like this product. I mean everyone I know in the beauty community told me that this is the "best" mascara out there. I went to Singapore to get the mascara and was told that this is out of stock world wide. Then another friend went to S'pore and found it and got me 1.

I was soooo happy when i first got it and I told myself that I'll only use it on special occassion. But ManFriend at that time open it thinking it's his and obviuosly I have to start counting my 6M expiry date from the day you open the product... so I have to use it ;)

First Impression:
1. Brush looks superb and huge for tiny eyes
2. the Formulation is not too thick - you can see it through the bristles of the brush
3. the length of the mascara is quite long compared to normal ones
4. the packaging is very classy (in my opinion)

Disappointment #1 It gave me panda eyes!

like i said the brush is huge and no matter how careful i am in applying mascara that brush still gets my lid but this is not the issue really, it's the "after a few hours" thing is the issue.

the mascara formulation is great. my lashes looks perfect after 1 coat and even more in 2 coats! It's sooo dark and long and thick. I was IMPRESSED already.

so with my new mascara, off i went to a friends bday. On my arrival at their place, the soon to be wife told me "you have some smudge hun". I ran to the bathroom and to my horror I had smudges on both lids and under eye! PANDA-Eyes!!!

Lesson of the day: better use a mascara base i thought.

Disappointment # 2

with Panda-eyes still in my head, my next attempt to like the mascara is a trip to the mall. I wack my Shiseido Mascara base on and then apply the MUFE mascara.

The intensity is better (of course) and my eyes really opened up. Once again I am IMPRESSED and a little bit worried about panda eyes.

So off i went to the mall and after an 1 hr, i went to find a mirror and to my horror once again, i've got panda-eyes!!

I was soooo heartbroken. I thought even with mascara base it's not working.

I was almost conviced that it's not meant for me and I am already going to get me a new mascara that i know works for me.

Lesson of the day: don't lose hope

Hope # 1

after 2 weeks of not using it, i decided to try again and see if this time i'll love it.

it was a cool day compared to the heat wave we've been having 2 weeks ago.

I had my mascara base on then MUFE HD.
I totally forgot to check myself on the mirror until it was lunch time when i remembered! I ran to the bathroom to check my panda-eyes and to my surprise! NO PANDA-EYES!!

I thought WOW! this is hope.

Hope # 2

the following week i decided to use it again. I thought i'll wack on some nice eyeshadow this time and do the full eye thing.

7 hrs later - everything is still in place and no panda eyes!


1. MUFE Smoky Lash mascara can be considered one the best. Not my holy grail but definitely one of the good ones. It's very dramatic and intense which is ideal for small eyes so it really opens up. I can actually see flirtatious lashes!

2. MUFE Smoky Lash mascara is not friends with heat and humidity. I do get panda eyes when the temperature is above 35 deg C. In heat and humidity it melts together with my makeup.

3. You have to use a mascara base - it stays put more - at least for me :)

4. It's a pain to remove so you have to use a eye makeup remover.

5. will i repurchase? - well maybe... right now it's not easily accessible where i am living but if given a chance to be somewhere with MUFE store and probably :)

In and Out (Jan-Feb Edition)

09 February 2010

the queenbee of In and Out (Lollipop26) has spoken hence this post :)


1. my new place - it's cozy and very home-y :) i am still renting but still i can't help myself but create this tiny place as my home

2. Revlon's Red nail polish - I love love love this polish! i was "told" that Christian Louboutin used this polish to decide which red to go for :) true or not, I really love this red polish. it's a classic red (in my opinion) and reminds me of Twilight....(beeep!) there i said it, it reminds me of twilight that's why i love it.

3. MAC Cherish and Rimmel Nude Delight - 2 of my nude lipsticks that always make me happy when i apply it :) i get compliments galore :)

4. Lanvin Eclat de Arpege perfume - i can spray this 100x a day and never get dizzy or tired of it. maybe not in winter but right now, this is what wakes up my senses in the morning :)

5. countdown to my 30th - well it's around 4 months more until my 30th but the countdown now begins! and this is purely on getting my "savings" up so i can get that "bag" that i sooooo wanted to get :)

6. LDR (long distance relationship) - as much as i am not a fan - i am now in a long distance relationship. i miss my partner so much and at the same time i am happy to be able to experience living on my own :) it's going to be hard but it's going to be rewarding :) i heard from someone that "you have to be your ownself first before becoming somebody else's wife"


1. moving houses - it's a pain and very stressful. you have to have great set of friends to help you and I do (i've got great friends) and i love them dearly :)

2. having no internet - i can't imagine how i survived 10 years ago without it - but then again 10 years ago all i know is IRC and yahoo so there wasn't a "need" to be constantly online. but it's different now!! I am hoping i get connected asap!

2.1 my TiVo isn't recording too due to no internet scenario! boohoo! so i've been missing out on The Hills, Vampire Diaries and Oprah!

3. missing my other half - it's really hard :'(

4. summer - i am over it and i am just waiting for fall and then winter wooopeee!

What's yours?

Finally found a dupe!

08 February 2010

Have you seen Sephora by OPI Metro Chic swatches online and decided you want it but you don't have sephora where you live?

Did you try online shopping only to know that your country rejects any nail polish packages? ie Australian Post?!

Have you perused every nail polish aisles hoping you'll find a dupe and fail?

If you answered YES on all of that then *high five* to you!

We are on the same boat!!

Here is some good news:

I MsChikee of Excellent Makeup dot Com hereby announce that I have found a dupe for Sephora by OPI Metro Chic nail polish!!!!!!!


It's by Kit Cosmetics and it's called Wild Ride. It is very very very similar to Metro Chic. It's purple-grey-brownish aka "dirt" colour which is what Metro Chic is!

It's not really a cheap dupe but it's cheaper than OPI nail polish :) (Note: I am talking about Australian Prices here).

OPI Nail polish is sold $19.95 AUD in David Jones stores and Kit Cosmetics nail polish is sold at $15.95 AUD.

It's not cheap I tell you but worth the money if you're into "dirt" coloured polishes! Thanks to gift vouchers I was able to score one. :)

What other nail polish are you dying to get your hands on but you couldn't find it in your area?


Kit Cosmetics is also available in Myer Stores :)