Product Review: Palmer's Line Smoothing Eye Cream

08 January 2010

I've finished my eye cream - remember this post? I think it was about 3 weeks ago when I chucked it out.

Question! What am I using now?

I am using this one.. Palmer's Line Smoothing Eye Cream - Rich anti-wrinkle eye cream

If you're familiar with this brand, you'll know that they are best known for removing stretch marks. This product totally took me by surprise. I was just at Priceline doing my usual routine (browsing the aisles on my lunch break) when I spotted this together with other Palmer's skin care products. I was sooo intrigued because it was new released at that time and they were having some promo.

New Release + Promo + free stuff = MsChikee spending money

What do I think?


I actually love the packaging because i don't have to stick my finger in i, you jsut need to squeeze the product out. My last eye cream was a pump and I LOVED it due to the same reason - very hygienic.


It's very thick (rich) compared to my last one. You can compare this to Kiehl's avocado cream in consistency. So if you're one of those ladies that hates thick eye creams then stop reading now :P

Even though it's thick, it sinks in the skin quickly.

It's has peptide complex and retinol which combats wrinkles :) (good stuff I tell you)


If you've used Palmer's lotions before it has that cocoa scent to it. This is one doesn't have that. It has a scent but I am terrible in describing it - let me try - it's not sweet and it's not cocoa and it's not medicinal - let's just say it's an OK smell :) it won't kill you.. :P


Very affordable. I think it's only $12.95 but that was the promo price so I am not sure how much it is. I don't think it will be uberly priced.

Do I see results?

After 3 weeks of using it day and night, i can say that it's improved my under eye area.

I feel that the skin is not as fragile as it was and as for the my fine lines - well they are still fine lines. I think i need to use it for a few more weeks or months :)

I dont have crows feet just yet so I can't comment on that.

Will I repurchased?

Yes unless i find something else that I'd like to try.

This product really surprised me. I wouldn't even think twice of buying if it wasn't for the promo and the sign "New Release" :) So i am glad I bought it.

In Australia, you can get it in Priceline outlets :)


  1. Hey Sheryl! How's the eye cream? Is it recommendable? Mine is finishing soon, so am scouting around for other good products.

  2. Hi Pat! it is recommendable but if you find something else go for that :) i mean this product is cheap hence the effects are slower than high end products.. i would suggest keihl's eye creams! get some samples if you have it in M'asia :)


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