Aims for 2010 :)

04 January 2010

First of all - Happy New Year!

let me just say that it feels good to have a clean slate for the year.. at least on purchases.
I am happy to report that my last makeup purchase was on 31/12/2009 :)

for 2010 I have the following aims:

1. Save, save, save. It's going to be tough year for me financially speaking (unless i win some kind of lottery). I've got some personal projects going on and some holidays planned and a big 3-0 bday celebration... so yeah save, save, save.

2. Use most of my makeup - i told myself that there 3 ways that i am getting new makeup; first, if it's a gift; second is if it's given to me by the company; and third is Back 2 Mac programme :)

3. Do more makeup gigs to enhance my skills. probably do some proper lessons and get a proper certificate. that is if i really want to pursue makeup as a career more than a hobby.. it's still a big jump for me.

4. Be healthier. I hope to get back in Pilates and walking and just eating healthy.

5. Invest only on good quality clothing pieces. This way I am saving more because I know the item is going to last me for years.

6. Smile, sleep and drink water more.

7. Learn a new language. Haven't decided which one yet but i am choosing between Arabic and Spanish :)

8. Do more EOTD or FOTD or Review blog posts

9. maybe some IPL treatments :)

10. Stay happy and positive and make 2010 better than 2009 :) (i can just say listen more and talk less)

What are you aims/goals/resolutions?

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