Hall of Fame: MAC Face and Body Foundation

18 October 2010

OK, finally I am able to review this baby.
I am so so sorry for the delay but with that Neutrogena-skin-reaction drama i had to stop using this foundation until my skin was back to normal.

So testing period was 4weeks (technically 6 weeks with that 2 horrible weeks of skin drama).

What i like about it

1. lightweight - i really love the feeling of "nothing" on

2. water-based - it's kind of giving my skin a breather when i use it because it's water-based. it's also great for "active" activities like gym or working out. not that i wear make up during work out but you know after a long day at work, i go run/walk and that foundation stays put.

3. easy to apply - although it's very runny, it is easy to apply. i use my fingers on this one to get optimal results.

4. you can layer it up without the cakey feel

5. the dewy finish that you get when you apply it is fantastic too.

6. i think you can compare this to Bobbi Brown's skin foundation based on texture (runniness) but this is far more "natural" looking on the skin. this is best when you want that effortless look but with so much effort.. if you know what i mean.

7. it's great on photos too!

What you need to know:

1. you need to get it in store to get your correct colour

2. you can use a translucent powder or the mineralise powder to set it

3. it doesn't cover your freckles (even if you layer it - like i said natural look) or post acne spots/marks. you will still need your concealer or use a different foundation all together

4. you have to shake it well before applying

5. fingers are better than brushes when applying it, you have more control

6. there is a slight fruitty smell to it. it's not offensive so it's ok

7. you have to wait for a few minutes after applying it before setting it with a powder

8. it's not that cheap here (Australia) so make sure you get the right colour for you


Although this foundation is very good, it is not my HG of all foundation. I still prefer my Nars Sheer matte.

Hope this review helps.

impromptu IN and OUT :)

12 October 2010

Ok i am back!

apologies for the lack of posts but all my lined up review were postponed due to the state of my skin last week.

It took 1wk and 3 days to actually have my skin back to normal and i didnt get to wear anything on my face except my usual moisturisers and sunblock.

so while I dont have my reviews just yet, let me do an impromptu In and Out for you!


1. Love - yes i am inlove with ... myself! hahaha i am having a Carrie Bradshaw moment in my life where i want to send out registry gifts notes to everyone on my marriage to myself :) HAHA
seriously, i am in a happy place right now and I hope this is a sign of more better things to come. I am moving on :))

2. Fringe / Bangs - i recently cut my hair and now my fringe / bangs are back. it was shorter than I wanted but it will grow back so meh!

3. Holiday - 11 weeks and i'll be on that plane :))

4. Exchange rates - how awesome is it!! 1 USD = .95AUD , it's been like that for a while now so i am very very pleased.

5. Covergirl lash blast fusion - i am on my second tube!


1. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne facial cleanser grapefruit - BOOOOO!!!! never again

Day 3: aftermath of Neutrogena Pink grapefruit cleanser

28 September 2010

It's Day 3 now since I stopped using my horrible facial cleanser and my skin still hasn't improved.

The burning feeling is still there and I feel it even when applying moisturiser! I put my moisturiser in the fridge so it's cooler when I apply it but I still feel the slight burning.

I've doubled up my moisturiser as well and I haven't put any makeup aside from mascara and face powder.

My cheeks feels horrible!

I am get grumpy everytime I touch my cheeks and I look even grumpier when I see my reflection on the mirror.

My cheeks are my favourite part of my face and now it's ruined!

I wonder when it will all heal?

Not so happy woman.

Hall of Shame: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser

27 September 2010

O-M-G!! I totally totally hate this product. I am sorry on such a negative opener but I truly hate this product. It doens't even deserve a memory space in my camera that i had to get a photo online!

I am a huge fan of Neutrogena skin care products. To me they are one of the best out there and affordable.

I live by the Neutrogena 2in1 facial/mask cleanser and the deep clean facial cleanser.

This product came out and I thought "ohh grapefruit".
Every time I pass by the store I contemplate on getting it.

Finally, my cleanser run out so I thought it's time to get this one and try it out.

FIRST Day - it was lovely on the skin. Smells great and it leaves your skin baby soft. I was impressed.

SECOND Day - i started feeling some dryness that my "fine" lines were soo stretched out because my skin was so dry. I didn't mind it that much because my moisturiser is very rich.

THIRD Day - OMG! it burns!!!!!!!! it burns like no one's business.

I've stopped using it (2 days now) and my face still burns. I've put my face creams in the fridge so it's cooler when i apply it on my face. I can't see any red patches but my cheeks are normally smooth but now you can see bumps and did say it burns!!! it really does and I really hate it.

I hope burning sensation goes away soon and my cheeks' skin texture will return to normal.

I think this product is only meant for VERY OILY skin but either way, please please be cautious when using this.

I dont personally recommend this one as it is really bad and harsh on the skin.

But if this works for you then I am happy!

But never again. I am throwing it out I am afraid.

There are no good reviews out there on this product. I am quite surprised that I didn't search for a review.. i just had my full trust on the brand.. BOOO!!!

Found! Mschikee's spring perfume - D&G 3 - L'Emperatrice

21 September 2010

If you have been reading this blog, you would know by now that I love hunting for new perfume each season.

so this year's spring perfume is D&G 3 - L'Emperatrice

Here are the notes:

Top: Rhubarb, Kiwi accord, Red currant
Middle: Pink cyclamen, Watermelon, Jasmine
Base: Musk, Sandalwood, Grapefruit

What do I think about it?

It's a fruity perfume - judging by first spray, you'll immediately smell kiwi and grapefruit which I love.
It's very fresh, crisp and still girly - just right for Spring.

After a few hours you will smell the muskiness and the watermelon and a hint of sandalwood.

It's fruity but it's not overly sweet and it's not overly offensive. But if you're not into fruity smells then this is not for you.

The packaging is very mature if you look at it but the smell is youthful.

This is sold at any department stores in Australia for $99 (100ml)

Thanks black magic woman for introducing me to this baby

Embryolisse now available in Australia :)

08 September 2010

A lovely blog reader (Casey*) have contacted us to let us know that Embryolisse skin care range is now available in Australia. So sweet right?

So if you're in Sydney then you're in much luck becuase you can go to an actual store otherwise, Online shopping is your friend.

It's availabe at Makeup4you site and they sell it for $33AUD :)

So everybody say, Thanks Casey* :D ((Loud Cheer -- THANKS Casey!))

PS. In case you missed my review on this moisturiser, please read HERE

Mschikee Review: Covergirl's Lash Blast Fusion

04 September 2010

O-M-G! Remember my whining when I bought and used the Covergirl's Lash Blast length (yellow tube?) and remember how much I LOVE the Lash Blash Volume (orange tube?) - well girls and boys, the fairygod of mascara heard me and so as the other girls who wished that Covergirl should come up with the Volume + Length in their Lash Blast range and what do you know?! they did!

It just recently hit Australian market and to be honest because I am so out of touch from watching YouTube vids, I wasn't aware of this product until I saw it at Priceline stores! It felt like finding your soulmate after a long time! (drama queen I tell you!)

I like the purple tube, just like the other tubes, it's sooooo easy to find in your mess of a makeup bag so points to Covergirl packaging team.

And the brush! One thing I love about the Lash Blast range is the applicator's bristles, it's rubber. It doesn't hurt my lids when it touches it. I love that they definitely mixed bristles from the orange and yellow tube hence the FUSION.

The second thing I love about the Lash Blast range is the formulation of the mascara. This is just one of the few that doesn't give me panda eyes. It stays puts and it's easy to remove.

Here is what it does to my very asian lashes. Without mascara, my lashes are next to none. I can feel it but it's you can't really notice it. And this definitely give it some volume (or the illusion of it) and length.

I cannot say more. This is my favourite drugstore brand mascara.

This is sold in every pharmacy and Priceline outlets. Original price i think is around $18AUD but at Priceline, you can get it for $15 (promotional price).

Have you tried it?

someone graduated!

02 September 2010

A dear friend (more like a sister) recently graduated from university. She's asked me to do her makeup and because I love her, I did :)

I opted for the Kim Kardashian / Posh Spice look - Silver and Brown smokey look and it was match made with her heavenly outfit :)

Here's a little EOTD photo (I used some false lashes on her too :D )

Products used:

MAC Prep and Prime
MAC Studio Fix concealer
MAC Mineralised Skinfinish Natural
Shu Uemura blush - Wine

MAC Polar Opposite mineralise e/s (silver side)
MAC Smoke & Diamonds e/s
MAC Satin Taupe e/s
MAC Texture e/s
NARS Galapagos e/s
Bobbi Brown Flesh e/s (matte)

Faceshop false lashes
MAC Blacktrack fluidline

MAC Partially Pink Cremesheen glass

Congratulations Sayang!

Haul Time!

31 August 2010

Here's what I got from Melbourne... don't laugh but I only got 2 things :) (makeup wise, i bought other things but it's not Excellentmakeup appropriate).

MAC Face and Body foundation - this is only sold in MAC Pro stores and online. I could have bought it online but I didn't know what my colour is.

I am C5 (suitable for NC40-42).

First impression - could be a HG foundation. Very light, sheer, liquid-y and doesn't absorb fast. I've only been using this for over a week so please watch this space for a proper review after a few weeks :)

My skin is behaving well because of the cold so I really want to see how this baby performs in humidity. I am heading to a tropical place in a few months and I do hope this is coming with me happily.

This is sold at $60AUD for 120ml. This product is very promising

Note: MAC Pro store in only in Melbourne and Sydney hence this purchase :D

Kiehl's Abyssine Eye Cream - I've wanted this for so long but couldn't get myself to buying it!

Don't you notice that when you're on holiday, you don't think of the cost? haha
My curse to be honest! it's like it's now or never :P

Anyway, so it's finally in my hands and I've been using it for just over a week as well so again watch this space for a proper review in a couple of weeks.

First impression, I like the consistency, not too thick. However, I wish it was packaged differently.

So that's it, just 2 things. My trip was so spontaneous I didn't even have a list of what to get. But I did enjoy. I would love to go back and next time it should be more than just the weekend :D

I am in Melbourne :) - watch this space for photos :)

22 August 2010

I'm on a very quick holiday in lovely Melbourne :)

been to MAC pro store already and got me my face and body foundation :)
And I want to go back for more hahaha

Melbourne meet ups? Message me on mschikee[at]gmail[dot]com (geddit?)

My Melbourne followers? I love love love your city :)

Bronze Gold Eye Makeup + MAC Hang Loose Blush

14 August 2010

I was invited to attend the Singapore National Day Dinner and decided to whip on the quickest makeup look that I can do - Bronze-Gold type.

It takes me about 5 minutes for both eyes and another 5 minutes for the rest of the face.

I used:

MAC All that Glitters e/s (base)
MAC Tempting e/s (2/3 of the lid from the outer-V)
NARS Galapagos e/s (crease and under eye)
MAC Texture e/s (just above the crease and before the brow bone)
MAC Ricepaer e/s (brow bone)

And for the blush - MAC Hang Loose (limited edition).

If you ask about the lips - believe it or not that's my bare lips and by bare I mean I just whipped my ever so loyal Lucas pawpaw ointment :)

And for the final cheesy FOTD - voila!!

This look never fails me because it's simple and kinda classic. This is my HG look if you ask me hence those listed products are my staple products :D

What are yours?

Clinique supports Breast Cancer

12 August 2010

This is just another reason why I love Clinique, they support the one cause that is so dear to my heart.

It is going to be available in October (which is the Breast Cancer Awareness month) at both Myer and David Jones counters.

Don't you think the charms are just too cute?

In and Out (July-Aug Version)

11 August 2010

I was just thinking about this yesterday and was about to tweet miss Laura aka Lollipop26 to ask her where is her In and Outs becuase I always do it when she does hers.. she's the queenbee of In and Outs :D

Here's mine


Ramadhan - it's in and very exciting. i must admit i will be grumpy for the next 4 days but after that it should be fine :D

Chloe perfume - i just recently bought my 4th bottle! yes girls and boys - 4th bottle. :)
New Friends and old Friends - met some new friends the last few weeks and i am kinda happy to meet them :D Old friends - well i am very blessed to have them.

MAC Jazzed lipstick - can this be my lip colour forever? maybe! i love love love it. I still love my cremecup and cherish but Jazzed is just ticking all my boxes at this time :D

Holidays - in about 5.5 months, me and my girl friends are embarking some exciting holiday getaway.. we are half way booking everything and i am just over the moon excited! i'll keep you all updated because I would love to have some meet ups :D

Which leads me to Lollipop26's questions - in a year i get 6 weeks paid holiday :D excluding public holidays :D


Flu - it was a horrible week having to deal with flu and cold and cough. i still have my sexy manly voice but hey it's sexy alright!

Family - they just left the country after staying with me for a few weeks. missing them already
MAC Studio Sculp foundation - expired! and it wasn't even half used.. so i dont think i am repurchasing it just yet.

Lolita Lempicka perfume - i used to love it but now it's just making me vomit... could it be that it's expired as well?

Short hair - i am growing my hair now becuase i can :D and also just in time for the weddings that i'll be attending and the ultimate trip.'

Ramadhan Kareem :D

just a little bit Paradoxal

10 August 2010

here was the scene:

me: wow that's really nice polish, what is that?

sales lady: the new one from Chanel

me: *yeah that is helpful* - yeah? i better check that out. thanks!

(drum roll please)

Presenting - my very first Chanel (thanks to vouchers again) - Paradoxal

See how unique and pretty she is? The Chanel SA said that it's "greylet" - grey and violet. And it is - very paradoxal :P this is somehow similar to Sephora's Metro Chic (i think).

It's like dirt with elegance but then I could be biased because it's Chanel, it has to be elegant?

Seriously, in the bottle, you can see the ray of violet goodness and the grey dirt. And I was crossing my fingers that it will be the same on my nail but Chanel did disappoint me a little bit :( I can see the flecks of violet goodness but not like in the bottle goodness :( however, it's still a great colour, very unique and very flattering so you can use this on your toes too :D

the violet goodness maybe hard to capture on camera but in real life (and you have to trust my words) it is indeed greylet :D

This is from their new collection and a definite must see if you get a chance. I think this has been out in other countries and we just recently got them here in Australia.

It's $40AUD so please think before you buy unless you have money to spare. I used my gift voucher so it wasn't that painful. I don't think I could fork out that amount for a polish but then again maybe I could if it's this pretty then 1 wouldn't hurt?

Dare to be paradoxal?

a touch of colour

09 August 2010

is all i need! :)

it's still winter here but we were given some pretty awesome "spring-like" weather the last few days hence this latest purchase...

I present to you my earliest Spring inspired top that (i must admit is a splurge - thanks to vouchers) I am loving right now.

It's from Cue which is a really great clothing store.. a little but up market but borderline affordable.
I am a big fan of their clothes because it's classic and it's really my style.

They are great quality that are timeless so it's worth the money (or I'd like to think so) :P

so meet my spring/summer number :D

It's 100% cotton so ironing is going to be a nightmare but hey, it looks so pretty and fresh and summery :D

Here is some non-flattering OOTD photo :D

And I teamed it up with my this makeup look.. featuring MAC Jazzed lipstick (limited-edition) and MAC Hanglose blush :D

I love winter and I don't want to part ways from the cold but I am looking forward to spring :D

Have you started your spring shopping yet?

MAC In the Groove - Haul and (initial) Review :D

28 July 2010

Haul time!

I got the email at 8am, contemplated on ordering online then thought maybe I should call the counter put things on hold then I thought nah! in the end, i bought it over the phone and then sent my brother to pick it up..... phew!!

All the trouble but you see it's all worth it. I think beauty bloggers will be on my side with this - when a new MAC collection comes out and you've heard a lot of good things about already then there is no stopping you and nothing is impossible :)

So here's what got

(L-R) Hang Lose blush, Togetherness eyeshadow trio and Jazzed (Cremesheen) lipstick

I am in love.

Hang Lose blush

It's a combination of baby pink with a slight peach undertone (semi-matte / satin) and a lovely cool lilac / lavender (shimmery). I don't own anything similar to this so I am very pleased of this purchase.

I think this is a very clever idea so you don't get glitter overload. and you can use both or just one and still be OK. I personally love the pink/peach half of it - it brings such softness to your face that makes it look so innocent and sweet. (love it!)
Togetherness eyeshadow trio

I love love the colour combination of this one too! And I think it will work well with the Hang Lose blush. I love the purple/blue mixed with grey. I think it can create a sultry sexy smokey eyes but still soft and sweet :D I love it! I can't wait to get my hands on this and hopefully I should be able to show you future FOTD :D

and the star of the haul - Jazzed lipstick

(Without flash)

(With flash)

I am inlove with this lipstick like you can never imagine. I bought MAC Ravishing a few weeks back and I love that it's Peach but this is just far more beautiful because it's mixed with pink.

I think if you mix MAC Shy girl and Ravising, you're get Jazzed.
I love that it's a cremesheen and I love that it works on any skin tone :D

Here are some on the spot lip swatch...
(with flash)

(Without Flash)

I am really a happy woman today.

To all Australian MAC fanatics, In the Groove is now available at your nearest counters.
There are some great mineralised skin finishes that are repromotes and some new Cremesheen glasses. If I can afford more I'll probably get some more :D

MAC In the Groove Collection

I've been waiting for this collection to come to Australia and apparently it came out on Monday :)
It's been selling really fast especially the infamous MAC Jazzed lipstick which I pre-ordered from Ebay and also online so technically I have 2 lots of those :) Impulsive buying is my curse.

So what did I get?
Jazzed lipstick - I've read and heard soooooooo much good things about this lipstick. It's been rated 4.8 out 5 on most makeup blogs including MakeupAlley. So I gotta have it :D

Hangloose blush - I really find it a unique colour. I dont think it will work on me or I think that I'll have to find a way to work it on my skin but the fact that it has purple and pink combo just made me ultimate curious. I dont have anything like it.

*I find that in blushes, my rule is something that i dont own - colourwise - hence I only have a few blushes :D (here's hoping hahahaha)

Togetherness eyeshadow -I love how everything looks so soft and unique and i am very very intrigued with the colour combination - :)

I am so excited that I am writing a post about this.

PS. there will be another post once I pick my goods up later today (cross fingers - i must beat that traffic after work :P)

Twilight Saga: ECLIPSE (review and more)

04 July 2010

So, I watched it today with my friends. We kept our tradition you know - lunch at my place with yummy home cooked meal, New Moon recap and few bubblies then to the cinema.

I got into some Team Edward spirit too :) (wearing here the Cullen Crest wrist band given by AbsolutFeli

The Review (Spoiler-alert):

There are sooooo many new dynamics in this film which makes this the best so far. The characters are fully developed with all the flashbacks. They are also more natural and comfortable with their characters (ie, being a vampire and all).

I know for a fact that this is way better than New Moon for one reason and one reason only - Edward is in for the entire movie :)

I love that 90% of the "lines" (dialogue) are directly from the book. I love the humour, romance and most of all the witty sarcasm.

The ab-flexing was superb and as much as I am team Edward forever, I kinda enjoyed all those shirtless moments with Jacob and that "special" moment when he got hurt that he had to phase out of his wolf-self and be human... that was PRICELESS!

The constipated look from Edward that I saw in the first 2 is less this time. I also believed him when he learned about the kissing and all.

The Tent Scene was superb!!!! it was fantabulous I tell you. First i thought it would be some kind of brokeback mountain-ish hahahaha with the cuddling and all but it was absolutely amazing.

Bella ain't bad at all but this is actually when I started disliking her character but it is still well played :)

The only thing that I am a little bit not happy is "Victoria" :( I think I would have liked Rachelle more but hey the way that she got killed by Edward was awesome.

I am happy to say that guys can totally watch this film without having to gag or fall asleep. It's action packed with nail biting moments.

Lastly, how awesome is that soundtrack. I mean it's a great soundtrack but hearing it on the film just made it even better.

I can't wait for Breaking Dawn :)

Tell me how's your Eclipse experience.

Birthday Wishlist 2010

29 June 2010

So in a few weeks (12 days to be exact), i'll be entering the wonderful world of 30's.

They said that 30 is the new 20. who ever said that must be in her 30s too.

Due to some minor changes this year in my personal life - there has been some omitted items in my list which is now just between me and the list :)

anyhow, for my 30th, here is my wishlist:

1. Car :)

2. Balenciaga bag - Giant Part-time with silver hardware

3. Eve lom skin care! i really wanted to try it!

4. Drop-earrings :) -- This one i already got!

5. Sony Cybershot T90

6. Holiday - probably Asia and US and meet Robert Pattinson :)

Looks very expensive? well, i have 12 months to be 30 so i have 12 months to actually make this all happen.


In and Out (for June)

23 June 2010

and the the queenbee of In and Out has spoken :) thanks Lollipop26


Birthday - it's coming soon and it's my big 3-0 so preparation is in full speed

MUFE HD Foundation - i find this performs best in winter? i always get compliments when i wear it and i tend to wear every other day so go figure.

Bvulgari perfume (the one in funny bottle) - I LOVE IT! it's my typical heavy winter scent but it kinda works in this weather. and who am i kidding? Perth's winter is like London's winter anyway so this scent is just perfect

longer hair - i cut me hair after the breakup (which i kinda regretted) but it's now growing so happy days are back

MAC Cremesheen in Creme Cup - my all time favourite muted pink! my winter hue if you may call it.

Treseme heat protective spray - my hair's new BFF! i seriously would repurchase this over and over and over until i find something elese that is better :)


Lash Blast exact - i really tried to love it but never happened :( i think it's best on girls with really long lashes and doesn't require volume

MAC Studio Sculpt foundation - it's OFF! i've been using it for months and i think i ignored the smell that is now present in the tube and it broke me out so bad. I am tossing that little baby and probably get me a Nars Sheer Glow soon :) or not.

the one that (almost) got away

27 May 2010

Let me say this first, I wish that you won't feel what I felt today. The horror and shock of realising that.......... I left my lipstick in my jeans pocket and put it in wash!!

(cue Psycho music here)

It was an awful feeling so I hope none of you will ever have to go through it.... (dramatic much?)
Always check your pockets and please do a count on your lippies (unless you have gazillion).

Here is what almost got away: MAC Fanfare (Cremesheen)

The horror that this lipstick had to go through. All those cycles and the hot water and the spinning. I mean I would just melt but look at it, it's super trooper.

So today, I decided that this baby is going with me anywhere I go and will stay in my makeup bag.

It's a very very flattering shade of pink for any skin type and I think it works best on medium skin :)

A little FOTD for you showcasing the one that (almost) got away.
Oh well the lighting was OK but my iPhone is crap? but just take my word, it's a lovely pink :)

Media Release: New Orly Spring/Summer Nail Polishes

20 May 2010

MaxTedThomas.Pr marketing company has contacted my to let me know that the new Orly spring/summer collection is going to be available on shelf (Australian stores) from 1 August 2010.

The Sweet Collection

The six-piece range from ORLY includes: Pixy Stix (opaque raspberry crème), Lollipop (smooth lilac crème), Lemonade (lemon sorbet crème), Gum Drop (light turquoise crème), Cotton Candy (peachy pink crème) and Snow Cone (chilly blue crème)

It is going to be retailed at $18.95 each. For stockist info please visit www.orlybeauty.com.au

We here at Excellent Makeup are trying to get some samples and show you some swatches (currently out of stock) but once we get our hands on it we'll make another post with some photos. (let's cross our fingers)

I am very excited on this collection because everything looks sooo gorgeous. It's sad though that it's winter here and the collection is for spring/summer but nevertheless we would still use it :)

New Banner :) and something...

16 May 2010

Check out my new banner :) Thanks to my talented brother!

So a few great news about what's happening with Excellentmakeup.com

1. new banner!

2. we are now officially a YouTube partner (Australia)

3. more vids are lined up - basically all the ideas are now been presented to me (hahahah) and we're just in the process of outlining how it is going to be filmed.

4. more posts to come :)

Thank you for following this blog and also our YouTube channel :)

.... and something

I SOOOOOOO wanted these grey boots! This photo is from a Portmans and initially i am after the top then i saw the boots!! The shop don't sell it so I am in search of a grey boots that looks like these!!

So if you know where I can get them, please comment!! And oh this is how I would normally dress up if I can afford all of these :)

Ninewest Sale :) 20% off on boots

11 May 2010

Ninewest is having a sale on winter boots!
I just received this email a few seconds ago and all I can think about is "what should I get?"

Sucker for shoes and sale = me!
So if you're in Australia, then check this sale out :)

"wonderfully grey" - a LensCircle contact lenses review

09 May 2010

Megan Fox, Courtney Cox, Alexis Bledel... what do they have in common? They've got light blue/grey eyes and dark hair and I really love that combo!

I watched a lot of youtube videos about LensCirle contact lenses and got really interested so I finally joined the bandwagon and got myself a pair of World Series lenses in Grey

I have astigmatism hence I have to use Toric lenses and toric coloured contact lenses are expensive! It can be up to $300AUD for a pair that only lasts you 6 weeks and I am not really keen on spending that much just to "improve my looks".

LensCircle lense offers prescription lenses but with out the astigmatism component to it but the lenses these days are very good compared to 5 yrs ago regarding astigmatism so I gave it a shot.

Obviously, these lenses are only for "going out" or "i want to be extra pretty tonight" kind of thing.

So the lenses came in cute packaging - i got leopard print pouch :)

Here's how my natural eye colour looks like:

And here's with LensCircle lenses on:


1. very soft comfortable - being a veteran contact lense wearer, I find these lenses very comfy in the eyes.

2. still offers great vision - even without astigmatism added in the lense, I still can see clearly and able to drive. The only downside is it doesn't work well with computers so it's definitely a going out type of lenses.

3. cheap! this pair only cost me $30AUD which is like 10% of what it would normally cost if I buy it here.


Nothing really except I hope one day they will do Toric contact lenses and still be under $50 :D

Here's a FOTD for you :)

In and outs :)

07 May 2010

why am i always compelled to do in and outs everytime lollipop26 does her... :P not that im complaining.. i love in and outs :)

here we go:

1. single life - scary but fun.. go figure.

2. coloured contact lenses - I just had my first pair last week and i've been raving and raving! (promise a post is coming up).

3. MAC All that glitters - my love for this eyeshadow keeps on growing. i hit the pan already and i i am using the side bits :(

4. my Leather jacket - oh my my love for cold weather is now in and buzzing. i've been enjoying my cold nights while wrapped in my leather jacket! I promised myself to love and to hold this jacket for as long as I can :)

5. American Apparel Deep V neck T-shirt - I love love love love this t-shirts. I mean it has become my second skin and it's sooo flattering without looking like you're Jordan (google her).

6. New vids coming out :)


1. Studio Fix powder - for a longest time, i've had a love-hate relationship with this powder. it's a hit and miss for me and finally i am tossing it out and going back to my MSF natural.

2. short hair - i miss my long hair! i might try hair clip ins one day if i do get desperate.

3. MAC shadesticks - i dont know but i hate them this month. probably all dried up coz i wouldn't use it boooo

oh so Juicy!

05 May 2010

Yes! I have found my winter fragrance in the form of Juicy Couture (the first one).

Every Mother’s day is when I decide to buy my “winter perfume” mainly for 2 reasons, every perfume is on sale and it’s our (mum and I) tradition.

I made a mental list of what perfume to get after watching Lollipop26’s video on fragrances. I’ve been eyeing this perfume anyway and initially asked ex-ManFriend to buy it for me from a duty free. But he bought the Viva La Juicy instead which I loved too.

I was tossing between this one (Juicy Couture) and Flowerbomb and after a long debate with myself I decided on the one on sale :)

In my own terms, I’d describe this as a floral, sweet and sensual scent but not overly sweet like Britney Spears’ Fantasy (excuse the comparison hahaha). It’s starts really light and fresh but throughout the day it changes to a more floral-musky (aka sensual scent).

I’ve Googled the notes present in this perfume and understood why I love this perfume :)

Note present: “watermelon, mandarin, pink passion fruit, marigold, green apple, water hyacinth, crushed leaves, tuberose absolute, wild rose, princess lily, caramel crème brulee, vanilla, precious woods and patchouli”

What's your winter scent?

So yay for Juicy Couture and advance Happy Mother’s day to your mums :) send my kisses!

PS. If you’re in Australia, please check Priceline because they are having massive sale in perfumes for mother’s day.

New Product (semi) Love: Cover Girl Lash Blash Length

30 April 2010

You've read that right - only Semi-Love this product.
it was love at first sight for the following reasons:

1. it's bright yellow - i was told yellow compliments my skin tone :P

2. it's from Lash Blast family - which is one of my fave drugstore brand

3. drew barrymore's photo next to the stand

so if it's love at first sight, why the "semi-love"?as always, once the novelty wore off and you're not in the infatuation stage, you'll realise your true feelings (and yes we are still talking about the mascara). Here's what I found out:

1. Formulation is great - no flakes! I rub my eyes due to contact lenses and usually at the end of the day i'll see flakes of mascara under my eye but this baby is a true trooper.

2. Brush - superb especially for short lashes. it reminds me of that Maybelling mascara that is marketed for Asian lashes - very tiny so you get precise application and it's great on the lower lashes too :)

3. It really does lengthen your lashes which is what it promises BUT that's not what I want.You can say "then why did you buy it then?" and I'll answer you "love at first sight".

All in all, i only semi-love this mascara for the fact that it doens't really give my lashes that extra oomph that I get when I user my MUFE mascara or the normal Lash Blast (orange tube).

Even if you apply 2-3 or even 4 coats, it still no oommphh which is kinda disappointing. You would think that it will lengthen it and if you apply numerous coats and it will volumise it too? Nah!

Saying that, this mascara is great for those already with thick lashes because it will help them comb through the lashes on every coat making it "neat" so if you love spider lashes then stay away

I would still use this especially on my lower lashes and I will keep it in my bag only beacuse it's yellow :)

Neutrogena and I = Together Forever :)

15 April 2010

Neutrogena has done it again :)

I am scared that one day Neutrogena will discontinue the range that I love the most - Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Cleanser/Mask - I like the fact that you can use it as a mask or a cleanser.

I seriously would marry this product :) Every time I veer on something else my skin retaliates by breaking out around the chin area so I always come back to this baby and after 3 days my skin is back to normal. Therefore, I declare this as staple in my skin care routine.

I recently started using one of Neutrogena's new range - Acne Stress Control Range and I am currently using the Power Clear Scrub

I got so intrigued by the words "Acne Stress Control", "Power Clear Scrub", "Oil Free". Don't you think these words are just perfectly marketed to suckers like me?

I've been using this for almost 5 weeks now and let say that I don't really find anything different from my other scrubs. Maybe the "beads" itself, they are bigger compared to my MAC Volcanic Ash. I am not sure if I will repurchase but I would recommend it for sure.

Both products gives you that tingly feeling after you rinse it off which is my favourite effect of all :)

If you ask me which is my favourite among the two, I would say the 2-on-1 cleanser/mask because it just works better on my skin.

Have you tried any of these?

In and Out for March-April 2010

09 April 2010

In and Out
1. Cool mornings and nights - it's fall!! soon it's winter! my favourite season of all :) i got everything ready, i've invested on a good leather jacket, ankle boots, skinny jeans and scarves! i am set!

2. MAC Studio Sculpt foundation - this is my fave foundation for winter. it's very moisturising because of the shea butter in it :) so it's coming out of the drawer once again.

3. MAC Cherish lipstick and MAC Fresh Salmon (LE) - 2 of my favourite lipsticks at the moment. i'll be doing a different post about it with photos hopefully

4. Short Hair - yes! i've cut my hair! my looooong hair is not just above my shoulders. it's liberating and fresh. i miss my long hair though so i think no more trips to hairdresser any time soon :)

5. Organic Shampoo/Conditioner - i am back to using my "Natural Instincts" shampoo/conditioner combo because my hair needs some love :)

6. Being single - if you're following me on Twitter then you might have seen my very public twitter meltdown. This is also my reason for being away and not posting. This is a new territory for me but hey i've been there before :) all i have to do is find my way back to me... and only me :)

7. Ultimate trip - i can't tell you details yet but please pray that this will happen! if it does then there will be a 'meet-up' happening :)


1. MUFE Smokey lash mascara - it's dried out! and i dont have a back up yet :( I am already making a mental note to get a few when i go to my ultimate trip

2. Kiehl's line smoothing eye cream - HORRIBLE! it stings on my eyes! i think this one was off? but i am back with Clinique all about eyes

3. Five Years with ManFriend - it's out!!! although credit to him for finding this excellentmakeup.com :)

Tag: 40 Beauty Questions

13 March 2010

I've seen and read this from other beauty blogger and I thought I'd join the band wagon :)


How many times do you wash your face daily?
Twice sometimes 3x or more - the additional washes depends on the state of my face :)

What skin type do you have? (dry,oily,combo)
I thought I had Combination-oily but nah, I have Dry-Combination :)

What is your current facial wash?
I have 2 :) In the morning I use Neutrogena Clean and Clear and at night I use Philophy's Purity made simple.

Do you exfoliate?
Yes, every other day or when I feel that my skin needs some waking up :)

What brand do you use?
I switch between MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, St Ive's Apricot Scrub and the new Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Clear - Power Clear Scrub

What moisturizer do you use?
Clinique Dramatically different lotion and Clinique Superdefense

Do you have freckles?
Yes - I do and I try to love 'em

Do you use eye cream?
Clinique All about eyes (i always come back to this) and Kielh's Line smoothing and brightening eye serum

Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
Yes I do and it's normally hormonal and around the chin and nose area. I hate it :(

Did you ever have to use Pro-activ?
I tried a sample but it is very harsh :(

What foundation do you use?
NARS Sheer Matte and MUFE HD Foundation

How about concealer?
Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer, MAC Studio Finish, MAC Studio Sculpt

Do you know your undertone color?
I would say yellow :)

What do you think of fake eyelashes?
I love them.

Did you know that you are supposed to change your mascara every 3 months?
Yes but normally chuck them out when they don't live to my expectations anymore.

What brand of mascara do you use?
I like MAC the most and indulging in MUFE Aqua Smoky Lash for now. Maybelline is my drugstore fave :)

Sephora or MAC?
hhhhmm.. we don't have a sephora where I live so I would say MAC.

Do you have a MAC Pro-card?

What makeup tools do you use in make up application?
Fingers, MAC 239, 217, 222, 209 and kabuki brush

Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes?
Yes - Too Faced Shadow Insurance and MAC painterly paintpot together :)

For the face?
MUFE HD Primer or Revlon Beyond Naturals

What is your favorite eyeshadow (color or shade)?
MAC Satin Taupe

Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?
Eyeliner or Gel liner is the way to go for me :) sometimes I use eyeshadow to line my eyes :)

How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?
hehehe never :)

What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?
They look pretty but I could never work them out :(

Do you use mineral makeup?
I love them as long as they are solid and not loose.

What is your favorite lipstick?
I would say MAC Cherish lipstick :)

How about lipgloss?
MAC Cremesheen glass in Partial to Pink :)

What is your favorite blush to use?
Shu Uemura - P Wine (a glowy bright pink)

Do you buy your makeup on ebay?
I did when the Australian dollar was strong.

Do you like drugstore makeup?
I love them :)

Do you go to CCO's? (cosmetic company outlets)
Never been but when I visit US then probably I'll stop by :)

Did you ever consider taking make-up classes?
I did once but I didn't learn anything new. YouTube makeup gurus are far more talented and cheaper :)

Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?
When i can't see a thing (ie my contact lense is not properly sitting in my eyes)

Name a makeup crime that you hate?
Mismatch foundation colour.. aarrrgh!

Do you like colorful shades of makeup (lipstick,eyeshadow) or neutral ones?
Depends on the outfit, my mood and the weather. I love bold colours as much as I adore neutral :)

Which celebrity always has great make up?
Jennifer Lopez! I love love love her makeup. When I get married I'll have the JLO look :)

If you could leave the house using just ONE make up item,what would you use?
Blush! :)

Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on?
Yes, i've done that before. As in no makeup, bad hair and bad clothes. I needed to go to Kmart stat and i couldn't be bothered slapping some blush let alone foundation :(

Do you think you look good even without any makeup on?
I look OK but I look better with makeup.

In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line?
Most of my stuff are from MAC so i would say MAC :)

What do you think of Makeup?
It's the best confidence booster. It's a stress reliever. :) I love it and I will use it as long as I can :)

MsChikee Project: L'Oreal Renewal Lash Serum

12 March 2010

I first heard of this product when I watched Lollipop26's haul video and I was determined to find this product and start a project!

And today with my stars working on my advantage, this is now available in Australia and the best thing is it's on sale at Priceline :)

It says on the back that it takes 4 weeks to see results so expect me to give you a week by week update.

I am sooo excited! If this works well then I dont have to try Lilash or Enormous Lash serum :)

Product Review: SkinMD Natural Shielding Lotion

The lovely marketing team at SkinMD Natural contacted me a few weeks ago and sent me this product to try on.

When I got the email I was stoked because I was in search of a body lotion at that time.

I've been using this for almost 6 weeks now and here are my initial thoughts:

What I like about it:

1. Packaging - well it's standard, easy to open and close and the bottle is "squeezable".

2. Smell - it's very subtle and has that "fresh flower" scent that gives it the "natural" touch to it.

3. Consistency - it's non greasy and easily absorbed on skin.
The first time I used it I was impressed by how light it feels on the skin.

Cons? Well it didn't really help resolve my dry skin issues on my feet but then again my feet are notorious for being dry and flaky due to neglect and I was actually hoping that this lotion will improve its texture but I think my feet is beyond saving.

Final thoughts

It's a great product but I can't say it's my HG lotion. It gives you that baby skin feel but it doesn't entirely relieve your skin from dryness. It works wonders though as hand cream and that's how I've been using it lately.

If you want to try this product, let me know. I might do a contest as SkinMD are keen to sponsor the prize for it.

Have a great day :)

Shadowing It - Lip Experiment #1

04 March 2010

I've seen others do it. I've heard others tried it. My BFF told me to do it.

I hope your minds are off the gutter... i am talking about using an eyeshadow as a lip product and finishing it with a clear gloss!

I've tried it and I love it.

Today's Lip Experiment is Paradisco

I used:

MAC Paradisco eyeshadow - a gorgeous peach with gold infused specks

MAC clear lipglass - i tell you this thing is super sticky which makes it last all day (almost)

I really enjoyed this experiment and totally loving the results and I received 2 compliments. I think this is how MAC Lollipop Loving should look like instead - much prettier.
I think tomorrow I'll try MAC Rice Paper or MAC Cranberry :) I think I've unfolded a new fad for MsChikee :) I'll keep you posted with me lip experiments

Hair Experiment #1

14 February 2010

Happy Valentines and Happy Chinese New Year to you!

It's a lonely vday for me this year because of the sad LDR situation but internet is there so bleh! No Dramas! This year .... is all about happiness and spreading it!

Speaking of happiness, i was very bored with my hair and I dont have the time to go to my hairdresser to have something done so i opted for some little experiment to make me happy :P

Timing is essential so what occassion(s) could I pick more appropriate for this tiny experiment? Valentines day because I'd like to look pretty and in control hahahaha and chinese new year - for a fresh start :)

Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of my "before" hair but picture this - it's somewhat turning orange due to the colour fading from the intense Australian sun and also you can see massive regrowth.

I picked up this tiny box... Garnier Permanent Colour Cream in shade 401 (Intense Deep Brown)

And here is what I got :)

My hair is naturally straight but I styled it like this for the occassion :) I like the colour and I wish I got 2 boxes but it's OK for a first try. Maybe in 6 weeks or so I'll pick up the same shade and get 2 :)

Also it's my first time to use Garnier hair colour - blame SJP for convincing me - but I find it pretty much the same as other cream based DYI hair colouring thing. And for the price you pay I think the results are far more OK than just plain "acceptable". But we'll see in a few days how this will react in the sun :)

I am thinking of cutting my mane too... hhhmmm decision decision..

Until my next experiment, have a great day!