waiting in vain

11 December 2009

This lipgloss just doesn't want to finish! I mean I lost and found it, then lost it again and after a few months I found it again. Then I lost it again then I found it again! Never ending cycle and note that we're talking 1 lipgloss!

Here is the culprit, MAC Love Nectar. This is my favourite at one time until I found new ones but I always go back to using it and loving it (after i find it) and now I am just over it. I just want it to finish so i can move on and use up other lipglosses.

I am currently doing a Project 10 pan but only lip products. I've been using up lip balms, lipglosses, lipsticks on a daily basis and it's just never ending. On one hand I love that it's not used up yet but then on another hand I just want to get it of it but not waste it.

Have you had this dilemma?

PS: apologies on the photo - my iPhone is ancient.


  1. I totally relate to this problem. I'm doing 2 different P10P's at the moment and my trick it to use the same lipgloss at work every day. I leave it on my desk and reapply it throughout the day. It's amazing how fast you can finish a lipgloss when you're using it every day.

  2. Me too! I'm trying to finish my Chanel Glossimer in 'Praline'. Some of the gold has come off the outside of the packaging, and there always seems to be about 3cms of product left in the bottom! I'm going to use the @GlossQueen method and use it every day :)

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