my new BFF this summer

05 December 2009

It's not only Paris Hilton who looks for a BFF every season, me too!

Such a lame introduction I must say but anyway Summer is definitely here! I love summer but not a big fan of it well not anymore after experiencing winter I've decided that I like cold weather over hot weather :)

Ok on to my new BFF - presenting Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF30+

This is my new best bud this summer! I stumble upon this baby when I was on my lunch break perusing the aisles of sunscreen section at Priceline (our version of Superdrug).

I heard of Neutrogena's sunscreen range but never really thought of trying them out until that day (when I decided I had to have a sunscreen handy in my bag).

I was actually looking for a body moisturiser that has SPF. I found one from Palmer's cocoa butter range but it's all sold out. It's a blessing in disguise really because the size is not bag-friendly :)

Determined to find my moisturiser with SPF, I ended up in the Sunscreen section and that's when I found this baby.

No tester available which I find a little bit disappointing so I had to read out what it promises. And here are the things that convinced me:

Ultra Sheer - check! i love the fact that it's ultra sheer. most sunscreen leaves your skin rather white. this one is like it says "Ultra sheer"

Lightweight, clean feel - check again!

Skin and cancer foundation Australia approved - check, check! I've been using products approved by the cancer council.

Non-comedogenic (won't clog pores) - check, check, check! although i haven't used this on my face under makeup or on its own it's good to know that it won't clog pores :)

I am very happy with this and will buy the spray one to try it out. It smells really nice and I use it daily. I apply it more on my arms so it protects while I am driving.

I am heading to the beach one of these days and I am pretty sure this is coming with me.

Enjoy your summer and be sun smart!


  1. I bought this a few days ago too and love it! I love that it doesn't feel sticky on my skin :)

  2. @dempss01 - yay! that's what i love about it, non-stick hehehe we can be BFF we like the same things :P


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