my hair's new BFF :)

09 December 2009

I just recently had my hair trimmed. It was very long (up to my waist) and was giving me trouble plus it's very dry on the ends (yuck!) So I had it trimmed. :)

Now here's when my hair's BFF comes in...

My hair looks soooo amazingly healthy and shiny after every trip to my hairdresser. I want that hair every day so I started buying the tools like hair dryer and straightener and some hair product but i could never get the same result until my last trip - i met the one!

This is Natural Look's Smooth Operator from their Static Free FM range

"It's a lightweight leave-in polish that seals and strengthens the cuticles while providing heat protection to the ends and mid-lengths of straight or curly hair. Prevent hair breakage, colour fading and split ends"

I apply it on damp hair then I blow dry my hair (no brushing) then straighten with hair straightener then I get "The Aniston" .

I am very pleased with this product because I get the result I wanted and I feel at ease that my hair is getting some kind of heat protection.

Now just a note, this product has a strong fruity smell mixed with perming solution smell if you know what I mean. I don't mind it because the smell fades away in a few hours and I am far more impressed and happy with the result so I am not too concern about the smell :)

Also I think this is only sold at the salon and online for wholesale but don't quote me I could be wrong.

I would definitely repurchase for sure and I will try other products from the range :)

What's your hair's BFF??

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