Makeup Pet Peeve #1

01 December 2009

Pet Peeve!! eeekk! yes, i do have some reasonable pet peeves (makeup) that I'd like to share to everyone. Maybe this has happened to you or maybe it's your pet peeve too... either way let's hope that this post will enlighten you.

PET PEEVE #1: Wrong shade brightening under eye concealer

(Photo credit: - I don't know if this photo was photoshop'd to look worse but you get the idea)

I really hate that look where your under eye concealer is way too light for your skin tone that it totally stands out and looks totally fake.

It's not flattering ladies and gents.

The idea is to brighten the under eye without looking fake and the way to achieve it according to Bobbi Brown is having the correct shade of concealer. Add in the some proper setting powder and tools!

If you're unsure what shade you need or what type of undereye concealer you need then you need to book for an appointment for some colour matching at you favourite makeup counter.

Do yourself a favour, invest on a good under eye concealer and make it to your advantage :)

Reason for this post, today while waiting for my train, met this lady was asking about Twilight and to be honest all I can think of was wiping off her under eye concealer...

I chicken out on telling her about it because 1. i don't know her. she only saw me reading Eclipse and 2. how do i break it to her?


  1. hahaha that's funny:) I would have chickened out too! I hear that happens when you use products with SPF in it so you should avoid it for photos?

  2. Yes I hate that too! Such a bad look.
    And that SPF thing - yes its true, but it will only appear SLIGHTLY lighter, like half a shade, not like the photo in this post

  3. @shelley - maybe when i see her again hehehehe

    @alicia - thanks to your help i found my HG under eye concealer :)

  4. Yea that bugs me too. I think the best example is Nicole Kidman at the NINE Premiere. That was horrid. EEEEEKKKK!



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