New Love: Lanvin Arpege D'Eclat

23 December 2009

This is my ultimate favourite perfume at the moment and will be for a while. This reminds me of a perfect summer back when my mum's was around.

I first smelled it from a friend. I interrogated her so much to know what she's wearing and she told me I couldn't find it in Australia! Luckily I was going to a holiday at that time and I know duty free will never let me down and that's where I got a small size of it.

It's almost finished now but I have a new one (100ml) so I am not that sad that this tiny one is going soon :)

It contains the following notes (from Lanvin):

Top Notes: Sicilian Lemon Leaves, Green Lilac

Heart Notes: Wisteria blossom, Green Tea Leaves, Peach Blossom, Red Peony, Chinese Osmanthus

Base Notes: White Cedar of Lebanon, Sweet Musk, Precious Amber

i love it sooooo much and so as other people who gives me compliments.

Another interesting fact about this perfume is the bottle - if you look closely the logo on the bottle is a "mother-daughter" holding hands.

When i first saw it my heart just skipped a beat and i got teary eyes. There was sooo much love in the logo and that made me miss my mum more.

I searched for the meaning why Lanvin is using that logo and if you visit - it was describe:

"In 1927, Jeanne Lanvn created Arpege by love for her daughter Marguerite...."

That fact melted my heart.

What's your favourite perfume?

Skincare Routine (updated) - Blog edition

20 December 2009

Yes, I've updated my skin care (slightly). I still use my ol' time faves but i've added some new products that I am inlove with :)

Disclaimer: Products used are purchased by myself and tested to work on my skin type. I don't in any way claim that this will work necessarily for everyone's skin so please take caution when trying these products.

My update skincare routine:

Let's start from Left to Right, shall we?

MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator - my current favourite exfoliator! There's nothing really different if you compare it with St Ive's Apricot scrub. MAC's one is definitely something new, something refreshing hence the whole new love for it. I am not ditching my St Ives and will definitely go back to it once my volcanic ash is all used up. Both products are great and do the job. I think price wise I consider volcanic ash a splurge :)

Usage: I use this 1x to 2x a week. The max is 3x a week but nothing more than that.

Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2 in 1 - This is my second tube! This helped my skin clear and got rid of those nasty break outs. I love the minty feeling it leaves when you rinse it off your face. In my experience, if i have an impending break out then i use this as as mask. It lifts the break out and heals it gradually. It's not a 1-time-heal-all type. I use it daily until the break out is cleared out.
My skin is combination normal to oily - T-Zone is my enemy and i get my hormonal break out around the chin and nose area. This product has salicylic acid so if you're allergic to it then please stay away.

Usage: I use this every other day in the morning as my second cleanser and everyday if i have a break out lurking around. I use it as mask once my break out is on the surface.

Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion - my ol' time fave. I've been using this for 7 years now and I always come back to if I slightly go off trying other products. I've used and loved the Clinique 3 step but I've only kept this moisturiser as the cleanser and toner were too drying to my skin.

Usage: I use it 2x a day after cleansing my face.

This Works Eye serum - I love this product!! I love that it's a pump and that's in a bottle packaging. As for hydration and clearing dark under eyes it's great but I don't think it works for fine lines which I am starting to notice. I am almost done with this which brings me to my new hunt for an eye cream :)

Usage: 2x a day - morning and night. This keeps your under eye concealer in place as well :)

Clinique Superdefense 25+ - my new sun protection. I love this product and will definitely repurchase over and over. BTW, i don't use this as my only sun protection. If i am going to be under the sun in a long period of time the I use a proper sun block :)

Usage: Every morning after my dramatically different lotion.

Philosophy Purity - MY NEW FAVE CLEANSER! It melts your makeup away! even your stubborn mascara without stinging your eyes. It's lavender scented and it's creamy. I am can say that this is way better than my Shu Uemura cleansing oil. I love love love this product. It tones your skin too :)

Usage: 2x a day (morning and night) - this is my initial cleanser :)

Faceshop's Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask - i love this product and I am happy that it works well with my skin. I haven't found any sleeping mask that is white-sheets friendly too and this one is definitely the one.

Usage: ad hoc - i use it when i need to a little boost the next day :)

There is one thing missing - it's NIGHT CREAM. i haven't found a good one yet so i'll let you know once I find it. If you have any suggestions please let me know :)

waiting in vain

11 December 2009

This lipgloss just doesn't want to finish! I mean I lost and found it, then lost it again and after a few months I found it again. Then I lost it again then I found it again! Never ending cycle and note that we're talking 1 lipgloss!

Here is the culprit, MAC Love Nectar. This is my favourite at one time until I found new ones but I always go back to using it and loving it (after i find it) and now I am just over it. I just want it to finish so i can move on and use up other lipglosses.

I am currently doing a Project 10 pan but only lip products. I've been using up lip balms, lipglosses, lipsticks on a daily basis and it's just never ending. On one hand I love that it's not used up yet but then on another hand I just want to get it of it but not waste it.

Have you had this dilemma?

PS: apologies on the photo - my iPhone is ancient.

my hair's new BFF :)

09 December 2009

I just recently had my hair trimmed. It was very long (up to my waist) and was giving me trouble plus it's very dry on the ends (yuck!) So I had it trimmed. :)

Now here's when my hair's BFF comes in...

My hair looks soooo amazingly healthy and shiny after every trip to my hairdresser. I want that hair every day so I started buying the tools like hair dryer and straightener and some hair product but i could never get the same result until my last trip - i met the one!

This is Natural Look's Smooth Operator from their Static Free FM range

"It's a lightweight leave-in polish that seals and strengthens the cuticles while providing heat protection to the ends and mid-lengths of straight or curly hair. Prevent hair breakage, colour fading and split ends"

I apply it on damp hair then I blow dry my hair (no brushing) then straighten with hair straightener then I get "The Aniston" .

I am very pleased with this product because I get the result I wanted and I feel at ease that my hair is getting some kind of heat protection.

Now just a note, this product has a strong fruity smell mixed with perming solution smell if you know what I mean. I don't mind it because the smell fades away in a few hours and I am far more impressed and happy with the result so I am not too concern about the smell :)

Also I think this is only sold at the salon and online for wholesale but don't quote me I could be wrong.

I would definitely repurchase for sure and I will try other products from the range :)

What's your hair's BFF??

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection - now in Australia

07 December 2009

Finally!! I've been waiting for this collection for quite some time now and now it's out. It's a David Jones (DJ) exclusive only in Perth but I am pretty sure it's available in all MAC counters over east.

It's not on Australian MAC site yet which was hopeless because I was counting on it. Luckily my feet dragged me at DJ after work and saw it there :)

Initially, I was planning to get Prive lipstick (light blue pink) which I saw at Temptalia's site but when I saw it in person it reminded me of DSquared's Nude Rose lipstick so I decided not to get it.

Anyway here's what I got: MAC Treasured lipstick (Creamy warm nude beige) and MAC The Lap of Luxury (sheer baby pink with white and pink pearl) lipgloss

The packaging is so gorgeous and the boxes too! I am pretty sure I'm keeping everything. The only thing I don't like is the applicator of the lipgloss - brush. I am more a sponge tip girl than brush.

MAC introduced 2 new lip finishes in this collection - Cream lipstick and Frost Lipgloss.

According to the MUA at my counter, Cream finish is like a love child of Amplified and Lustre finishes. You get the intensity of the colour + glossiness of a Lustre = Cream.

While Frost Lipgloss (not Lipglass) is like a love child of Lipglass and Lustreglass sans the sticky feeling. (plus!!)

Reason for my choice - well all day today I was contemplating on a nude lip. I even sent a tweet asking what's the best nude lip colour for NC40 like me and Fafinettex3 recommended MAC Cherish which I was going to get but since Boudoir is out then might as well try it and I couldn't be happier. I am still getting MAC Cherish eventually (i know myself).

Before I leave you for the day, let me share my discovery of the day.

MAC The Tap of Luxury (Frost) is very similar to MAC Love Nectar (Lustreglass). Very very similar. The only difference is Love Nectar is very sticky and The Tap of Luxury is not :)

And some swatch for you - i feel very JLo-ish with this lip combo! This matches my new nude patent shoes :P

A happy lady indeed.

Wish List for New Year

These are the products that I'd like to get in the coming weeks/months. No timeline so no pressure unless ManFriend is reading this then please don't let this stop you :P

1. NARS Essentials Palette

2. MAC Cremesheen Shy Girl (Photo credit:

That's it.. i am easy :P

my new BFF this summer

05 December 2009

It's not only Paris Hilton who looks for a BFF every season, me too!

Such a lame introduction I must say but anyway Summer is definitely here! I love summer but not a big fan of it well not anymore after experiencing winter I've decided that I like cold weather over hot weather :)

Ok on to my new BFF - presenting Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF30+

This is my new best bud this summer! I stumble upon this baby when I was on my lunch break perusing the aisles of sunscreen section at Priceline (our version of Superdrug).

I heard of Neutrogena's sunscreen range but never really thought of trying them out until that day (when I decided I had to have a sunscreen handy in my bag).

I was actually looking for a body moisturiser that has SPF. I found one from Palmer's cocoa butter range but it's all sold out. It's a blessing in disguise really because the size is not bag-friendly :)

Determined to find my moisturiser with SPF, I ended up in the Sunscreen section and that's when I found this baby.

No tester available which I find a little bit disappointing so I had to read out what it promises. And here are the things that convinced me:

Ultra Sheer - check! i love the fact that it's ultra sheer. most sunscreen leaves your skin rather white. this one is like it says "Ultra sheer"

Lightweight, clean feel - check again!

Skin and cancer foundation Australia approved - check, check! I've been using products approved by the cancer council.

Non-comedogenic (won't clog pores) - check, check, check! although i haven't used this on my face under makeup or on its own it's good to know that it won't clog pores :)

I am very happy with this and will buy the spray one to try it out. It smells really nice and I use it daily. I apply it more on my arms so it protects while I am driving.

I am heading to the beach one of these days and I am pretty sure this is coming with me.

Enjoy your summer and be sun smart!

Question for my readers and followers?

03 December 2009

Just a quick question for my readers/followers... if i do a makeup giveaway contest and the giveaway consists of all of my semi-used makeup, would you join?

i have so much unloved semi-used makeup :( they are not bad or expired, it's just i haven't shared the love buy using it and i don't want them just sitting in my drawers! :(

so hopefully i'll get some info from you.

Have a wonderful day!

PS. this blog post is brought to you by my "Edward" HAHAHAHA I recently bought a MacBook Pro and named it Edward for obvious reasons :)

Makeup Pet Peeve #1

01 December 2009

Pet Peeve!! eeekk! yes, i do have some reasonable pet peeves (makeup) that I'd like to share to everyone. Maybe this has happened to you or maybe it's your pet peeve too... either way let's hope that this post will enlighten you.

PET PEEVE #1: Wrong shade brightening under eye concealer

(Photo credit: - I don't know if this photo was photoshop'd to look worse but you get the idea)

I really hate that look where your under eye concealer is way too light for your skin tone that it totally stands out and looks totally fake.

It's not flattering ladies and gents.

The idea is to brighten the under eye without looking fake and the way to achieve it according to Bobbi Brown is having the correct shade of concealer. Add in the some proper setting powder and tools!

If you're unsure what shade you need or what type of undereye concealer you need then you need to book for an appointment for some colour matching at you favourite makeup counter.

Do yourself a favour, invest on a good under eye concealer and make it to your advantage :)

Reason for this post, today while waiting for my train, met this lady was asking about Twilight and to be honest all I can think of was wiping off her under eye concealer...

I chicken out on telling her about it because 1. i don't know her. she only saw me reading Eclipse and 2. how do i break it to her?