winging it

27 November 2009

If you've been following me on twitter then you would have probably read a tweet many moons ago about perfecting a "winged" eyeliner.

I've tried so many times and believe it or not I always aim for a Sophia Lauren look but always ended up like Winehouse and with my tiny Asian eyes, it's not flattering at all.

But that was 3 months ago :)

Ladies and gentlement, I finally mastered THE winged eyeliner! and here's a quick photo proof :)

This is not how yellow I am HAHAHAHA :P This is purely my bathroom light and my crappy iPhone camera :) But nevertheless you can see how my winged eyeliner went.... it's close to perfect :) Also I am using my MUFE HD foundation here hence the very smooth, velvety finish :)

I've been using gel liners when applying my liners and my two favourites are:
  • MAC Blacktrack fluid line
  • Bobbi Brown - Black Mauve shimmer ink

I prefer Bobbi Brown's more than the MAC because i find it smoother and easier to apply. However, if i like intensity and depth I use Blacktrack.

As for the brush, I use MAC 209 brush :)

What othe gel liners have you tried?


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