Singapore Holiday '09 - run down

14 November 2009

The second leg of my holiday was Singapore. I've been in the airport a couple of times but didn't get the chance to explore the country until last week.

Before landing, the aerial view is spectacular! I mean you can tell which is Malaysia and which is Singapore. How? - Order! I mean don't get me wrong, i've never been to Malaysia so I dont mean to offend any M'asian readers here but on air, Malaysian greenery is so vast and rich and Singapore's greenery is so vast, rich and organised! The trees are all lined up accordingly! I didnt see (at least on my side of the plane) a single tree left out from a group of trees! incredible i tell you.. LOL

Upon getting off the plane and reaching the Immigration, the order didn't stop. The officers were all lined up ready to meet foreigners and when I say lined up I mean equal spaces between each officers, facing the same direction and no smiling kind. They are fast and efficient and we were out in a jiffy!

The trip to the hotel was great. I get to see Singaporean traffic or the lack thereof. I honestly can say that Singapore is like a love child of Manila (for its weather) and Australia (for the order). I even offered to drive... hehehe (here's hoping!).
BTW - they dont have ticket parking thingy because they are now using RFID! For the IT in me I was sooo excited and envious! I wish Australia would adapt it too because it makes life easier :)

The shopping began not until the next day until the last day of my stay there. I was sooo mesmerised with how many malls they have and how they are interconnected. I can go in one mall and finish all say 4 mall without ever leaving a building.

Singapore is also famous for "underpass link" where you go up then down then up again turn left then down then up and still be in the same underpass link! It's not a boring either because there are shopping stores in the underpass! So a 15min walk through the underpass would take you 1 hour because of all the "stop and look" distraction.

The food is great too! I'm a big fan of Malay, Indian and Chinese cooking and Singapore is the hub for those! I ate and ate and tried food that I would eat in Perth only to compare the taste and brag that i had the real deal :)

I really had fun! Unfortunately, we didn't do any touristy stuff due to rain so we basically did what we do best.... shop and eat!

I would love to go back and do the touristy stuff next time :)

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