playing hard to get

09 November 2009

Let me start with OMG!! the things i had to go through to get this lipstick is just overwhelming!

Let me share, shall i?
  • started in Singapore, i saw the collection and asked for the lipstick - she said out stock and try other counters
  • I did walk the whole Orchard Road all the way to Stamford (7 hours of walking btw) road checking every possible counter just to find this lipstick - still Out of Stock.
  • Finally checked it online and what do you know?! It is still available!!!! so i decided to put 2 on QTY and didn't let me so i put 1 and it went through ... note that i am still in Singapore when this transaction happened.
  • Came back to Perth looking forward to my new package :)
  • Package was sent 29/10 and arrived in Perth 3/11 .... today is 9/11 and still no sign of the package so i rang the post and tracked it down.
  • Package wasn't delivered - Incorrect address! well it's not.... long phone conversation and finally they found my package!! Was told to pick it up in town (Business Centre).
  • Walked to town (10min walk from work).... reached the post and asked for my package and he said "it's in our business centre in so-and-so street, this is the GPO centre"
  • AARRRGGGHHH... so-and-so street is 2 minutes away from my work!!!!!
  • walked allllll the way to work then to the post and finally got my package!!!
so meet the one that played hard to get....

MAC DSquared lipstick in Nude Rose :)

I am a big fan of pink lipsticks and lately i've been very drawn to it! MAC Nude Rose is a repromote from Blonde, Brunette, Redhead collection and I was sooo excited on the MSFs (at that time) on that collection more than the lipstick... so thank goodness for repromotes!

What's special in MAC Nude Rose? - it's a very wearable baby pink with lotsa peach undertone to it which suits any skin tone especially mine (NC42)! I wish it will get repromoted in future collections or better becomes permanent!

Speaking of pink lippie obsession, I picked another one last week and it's MAC Angel which is part of permanent line. It's very close to Nude Rose but I'd like to think they are different and I think they are.

The photo doesn't do much justice but Nude Rose (Lustre) is more on the peach side and sheer while Angel (Frost) is more on blue undertone and opaque when applied... see? not similar :P

No matter what, I love both so equally :) And no matter how much trouble I had to go through in getting Nude Rose, it's all worth it :) it's such lovely colour!!

Here's some swatches:

MAC Nude Rose

MAC Angel

PS. can you spot the difference?

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  1. not a big difference, no... but looks really good though! ;)



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