New Product: Skinfood's Salmon Skin care range

20 November 2009

Final installment of my Skinfood skin care haul :)

Let me just say that I haven't used this yet because I am still using up some products and since eye skin care products are only good for 6 months after opening, I'd rather one or the other to waste.

Here's what I got:

Skinfood Brightening Eye Cream

Product Information:

"A premium eye brightening line that contains salmon egg extracts rich in Omega-3 from Hokkaido (Japan), Norwegian salmon oil and arbutin."
 "An eye cream especially for those skin around the eyes is dry. It has smooth yet dense-feeling texture. It also feels rich and stress-free to use"

Sounds very promising right? I can't wait to start using it. I am slowly finishing my This Works eye serum which is a great product. I actually much prefer a pump when it comes to eye creams rather than sticking your finger in the pot but Skinfood is yet to learn on that :P

Second thing i got is Salmon darkcircle Concealer cream

Product information:

"Contains Norwegian Salmon oil that supplies nutrition to the areas around the eye that lack it. The extracts from Salmon eggs from Hokkaido Japan that work well for brightening by restraining melanin creation and Haloxyl that decreases the dark spots around the eyes."

I think in other words, it's a makeup that is also a skin care.

The brochure that I got contains information that is more like a direct translation from Korean (I think) but nevertheless I am going to try this out very soon.

So watch out for this space for some proper reviews once I get to use it.

If this brand is accessible in your location and haven't tried it then pay a visit and try some products, you might like it.

For those who tried it, how was your experience?

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