New Moon rave!

22 November 2009

just a quick detour from makeup... normal blogging will commence shortly :)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE New Moon! I mean love is an understatement to be honest!

I watched it with my girl friends which is the best idea ever. You need to be with people who shares the same passion as you do or else it's just another movie that you went to.

I booked the whole row.. yes! the whole row just for us! I sat next to AbsolutFeli and we held hands for every moment that our hearts skipped! For her it's more on Jacob's abs for me well my pasty and constipated looking Edward :) 

As you may have seen in the trailers, the colour palette for this movie is very warm and now I understand why, it's because the movie introduces Jacob and the wolf pack's world (LOL - i am slow like that). In the book they are very hot (warm) and human and I love how ChrisW showcased that. You see Twilight was very blue and grey... very cold because it's an introduction to the Cullens the cold ones. (I bet you know that already).

Ok i won't spill any spoiler  but please leave me a comment once you've seen it! I'd love to hear from you and your thoughts.

Also let me just say that Kristen Stewart's performance is superb. I felt everything and I was with her when she was really down and really happy. Hats off to her. I was so engaged to the emotions that she's playing.

As for Robert Pattinson, I was mesmerised by his smirks :) 

As for Taylor - well i was so tempted to switch team only because he bribed me with his abs! HAHAHAHAHA

I really love it and would want to see it again.

I want to know the makeup used on KStew. I want lipstick!


  1. I can't wait to see it now! You made it sounds so exciting! I am a long time fan of twilight books and loveeee edward! A bit disapppointed with the first movie because the book itself was sooo good but I still bought the DVD anyway because I love it just as much as Harry Potter! Have to see New Moon now- hopefully I can get a ticket:)

  2. it was definately better than the first one. and the friendship between jacob and bella was more like friendship bordering on love but not like the book, where i thought it was more love and playing with jacob's feeling. also she wasn't as annoying in the book. haha! that's just me.

    I'm definately team wolf (just rather touch a hot- temperature wise(!) body than cold). and the walking around shirtless- who could say no? :-)

  3. @shelley - you should!!! let me know if you want some company! i'll join ya! :P

    @suzie - you and AbsolutFeli Team Jacob all the way. :)
    i agree with you, in the book i was sooo annoyed with Bella but in the movie i felt so sorry for her.
    i can't wait for eclipse. i am currently re-reading it just because i am still in this high after watching new moon.. they call it hangover sometimes. hahaha

  4. I absolutely do not mind the lack of makeup posts! OMG I can't wait to see it, I'll probably go with my sister but we've both been really busy. You made me so excited about it!

  5. @marce - yes you've got to see it! and great idea to take your sister! :) I watched it the second time last night and it felt like i was watching it for the first time :P
    you have to tell me how you find once you see it and oh i love your blog!


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