New Love: Skin Food Grapeseed Body Oil Emulsion

05 November 2009

I found a new love (one of them) in my recent holiday and I'm about to share it :)

Meet Skin Food - originally from Korea and is now spread throughout Southeast Asia and Dubai. They have developed skin care, hair care and makeup products based entirely in food based ingredients. I find it quite intriguing and I was determined to get my hands on their products and luckily they are available in Manila and Singapore :)

I bought Skin Food Grapeseed Body Oil - it's one of their new product in the Grapeseed oil range and it's not yet in the website but this baby is already a best seller. I found it first in Manila. The SA applied it on my arms and immediately i said "i'll take one". It's a body oil that is not oily / greasy! It hydrates and moisturises your skin and it works best in humidity and dry summer!

It smells nice and it sinks in the skin so fast you are left with soft and supple skin right after shower. I am so inlove with it that when I got to Singapore I bought my second bottle as back up.

Looks a bit weird at first, more like a salad dressing :) You have to shake it like a mad woman and apply it on damp skin after shower or bath. Another thing is it's not like ordinary oil where when you apply it and go under the sun you get burned (ie, baby oil). Saying that please don't go under the sun in long period without extra sun protection because this baby doesn't have SPF.

It's such a good feeling to have a greaseless feeling after moisturising. I know i'll go back to my moisturisers eventually but right now in this season we're having this is my new BFF :)

It's worth trying if you're keen into food based skin products. This is not a guarantee that it's vegan though if you're wondering.

Keep it away from your salad dressing to avoid confusion. Trust me you'll thank me later :P


  1. Thanks for this recommendation - it sounds like great stuff! Is it available on ebay?

  2. @dempss01 - i tried searching on eBay but no listing. it's mostly available in Southeast asia, Korea and Dubai. :) it's a great product. great for summer coz it's not sticky yet hydrating :) thanks for your comment.

  3. Oh what a shame! I'll have to keep an eye out for it when I'm next flying. Thanks for the recommendation :)

  4. I live in Dubai and was looking for grape seed oil products because I am pregnant. They say that grape seed oil can help prevent stretch marks. Do you know where I can purchase this, and find other products like this in Dubai?

  5. @Melissa - congratulations on your baby! :) ok i did some googling and found that SkinFood products (Grapeseed range) is availabe in Dubai Festival Centre / City :)
    let me know if you didn't find it and i'll ask my partner to scout around. he's currently in DXB too :)


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