Manila Holiday '09: A run down of events

04 November 2009

My Manila trip is now done and dusted! I went home (Manila) to visit my family, have a break from work, suss out the flooding aftermath, meet up with some friends and shop.

(Manila's famous Jeepney)

I did all of that.... maybe a bit more on the shopping side :P
I had quality time with family, caught up with long lost friends, shopped till I dropped and ate and ate and ate.

I gained 2kg in this trip alone! on my last day before flying to Singapore, I ordered 3 deserts just for me! I couldn't stop eating thinking that I won't be eating that again for the next 2 years or so... LOL

One thing that stood out the most was the fact that everyone back home thought of me as this very fat girl. I dont blame them. The last time I was home I was a whopping 45kg and this is the aftermath of my mum's death and other life troubles so no wonder I am that tiny but to them I was "sexy" at that time.

Now that I am a happy bouncing 64kg (was 62kg) and I am considered fat :( I am not that short if you may wonder. I am 167cm or 5'6" so it's not that bad looking but I am thinking of losing that 4kg.. what do you think?

Overall it's a great time off from work and time with family. Maybe next time we'll go on a resort.. i actually picked the wrong time to go home due to typhoons here and there but next time I know better :)

It was short but sweet visit.


  1. Glad you had a great time :)

    You should weigh what you are happy with. You will probably lose weight not having all that yummy food around to eat anymore though.. I hope you savoured those 3 deserts like nothing you had eaten before!!

  2. hi Sarah!! yes i did enjoy my time there and i wish i could stay longer.. hope your well :) xoxo


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