In and Out # ?

04 November 2009

Again the Queenbee of In and Out called for it.... so here's mine :)


Coming home to Australia - "i've been to cities that never close down....... blah blah blah.... Still call Australia home" - i've never been so relieved/happy to see Australian Immigration.. HAHAHAHAHA

Holiday Skin - i am tanned already by birth/race whatever but after my holiday my skin is ever so luscious to my feel and touch and it shows in photos (very glowy.. i dont know). Products I am using? exactly the same* (i think) but my skin had a break from dry season and was soaked in humidity for 14 days (i think).. so let's hope it stays like this or at least the next few days

SkinFood's Grapeseed oil - i am currently addicted to this. Post is still about to come but it's my new moisturiser since i got back from Holiday. I love it coz it's non-oily (ironic isnt it?) and it sinks my skin so fast i am with clothes after showering :P

MAC Painterly Paintpot - during my holiday, my Two-faced shadow insurance has failed me miserably! Luckily i brought my Painterly paintpot with me and that has been my staple! my e/s just stayed with me all the day.. especially on those catching up times with old friends who use to call me "ugly" :P

Lanvin Eclat Eau de Toilette- i am inlove with this perfume. I smelled it from one of my besties back in Manila *Hi Lani*. I had to interrogate her to know what she's using and she confessed so easily HAHAHA. i only bought the smallest bottle to try it out and I am definitely buying a big one when it finishes. It's a cross between D&G Light Blue and Estee Lauder's Pleasures - well more on the light blue for the first note then pleasures on the last notes.. geddit?

More Blog Followers - it's not as much as the QueenBee but it is definitely more than the last time i checked! It really warms my heart.. Thank you!


Hay Fever - i was free from it for 14 days and now i am back, it's welcomed me open heartedly.

Credit Card Bills - HAHAHAHA after a holiday, all expenses will sink in and you wonder why you ever spent money on that piece of crap.. :P

Weight gain - i gained well say 2kg (ok ok stop hurting my ears - 2.5kg) in this holiday. i just ate and ate food I wont be able to eat in the next 2 years? I had fun though and ultimate satisfaction but my clothes doesn't agree with it..

Smashbox photofinish primer - i think it broke me out. I'll try using it again when i am not hormonal.

That's for now, I am broke but I am happy..

Until the QueenBee calls for it :)

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