Going HD :)

03 November 2009

If you've been following my tweets lately, you'll know by now that I jumped in the MUFE wagon and got me-self HD foundation and all of the things HD :P

So here's my loot!

Starting from Left: MUFE infamous purple e/s - No. 092, MUFE Kabuki brush bag (yup the brush has a home), MUFE Kabuki brush on top and MUFE HD Powder on the bottom, MUFE HD Primer in clear and MUFE HD Foundation in shade 128 :)

I got these in Singapore. I went to their workshop/store at Stamford House along Stamford Road not knowing that it is also available in Sephora and Singapore has now 2 Sephoras!

I didn't get the Smoky Lash Mascara coz it's out of stock and according to the MUAs there, it is currently out of stock worldwide! (personally, i don't believe that).

I've been using it for a week now and been tested in humidity. To be honest, there's nothing spectacular to it aside from its lightweight factor but it's almost the same with my Clinique's Superfit if i want to really compare it. As for the primer and the powder, well that is another story. So far I am inlove with both and scared of the day that I run out of them :(

The first MUA that i talked to when i was getting the foundation colour matched me on 2 colours, one that is lighter hence a brighter complexion and second is just a little bit darker for a more normal finish. I went for the latter.

Then the second MUA that i talked to when i was getting the primer, she told me to get the clear primer instead of the gold-yellowish one which was suggested by the 1st MUA. I asked Y? and 2nd MUA said that the gold-yellowish primer is good for Asian skin like mine (yellow undertone) but it will make my face brighter in photos. Don't want that!

So far so good. It's been ticking all the Good boxes in my list so no complain :)
  • Lightweight foundation
  • didn't cause any breakout
  • HD powder is for keeps
  • Brush is sooo soft
  • Primer gives you that glowy/satin like finish
  • Looks good in photos! (See my Halloween makeup post for some FOTD)
The only downside in my experience with MUFE is not on the product or the HD range but on the customer service that the MUAs had given me boohoo!! (Note: watch for a separate post on this, i've got some stories to tell)

Have you gone HD yet?

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