winging it

27 November 2009

If you've been following me on twitter then you would have probably read a tweet many moons ago about perfecting a "winged" eyeliner.

I've tried so many times and believe it or not I always aim for a Sophia Lauren look but always ended up like Winehouse and with my tiny Asian eyes, it's not flattering at all.

But that was 3 months ago :)

Ladies and gentlement, I finally mastered THE winged eyeliner! and here's a quick photo proof :)

This is not how yellow I am HAHAHAHA :P This is purely my bathroom light and my crappy iPhone camera :) But nevertheless you can see how my winged eyeliner went.... it's close to perfect :) Also I am using my MUFE HD foundation here hence the very smooth, velvety finish :)

I've been using gel liners when applying my liners and my two favourites are:
  • MAC Blacktrack fluid line
  • Bobbi Brown - Black Mauve shimmer ink

I prefer Bobbi Brown's more than the MAC because i find it smoother and easier to apply. However, if i like intensity and depth I use Blacktrack.

As for the brush, I use MAC 209 brush :)

What othe gel liners have you tried?

New Moon rave!

22 November 2009

just a quick detour from makeup... normal blogging will commence shortly :)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE New Moon! I mean love is an understatement to be honest!

I watched it with my girl friends which is the best idea ever. You need to be with people who shares the same passion as you do or else it's just another movie that you went to.

I booked the whole row.. yes! the whole row just for us! I sat next to AbsolutFeli and we held hands for every moment that our hearts skipped! For her it's more on Jacob's abs for me well my pasty and constipated looking Edward :) 

As you may have seen in the trailers, the colour palette for this movie is very warm and now I understand why, it's because the movie introduces Jacob and the wolf pack's world (LOL - i am slow like that). In the book they are very hot (warm) and human and I love how ChrisW showcased that. You see Twilight was very blue and grey... very cold because it's an introduction to the Cullens the cold ones. (I bet you know that already).

Ok i won't spill any spoiler  but please leave me a comment once you've seen it! I'd love to hear from you and your thoughts.

Also let me just say that Kristen Stewart's performance is superb. I felt everything and I was with her when she was really down and really happy. Hats off to her. I was so engaged to the emotions that she's playing.

As for Robert Pattinson, I was mesmerised by his smirks :) 

As for Taylor - well i was so tempted to switch team only because he bribed me with his abs! HAHAHAHAHA

I really love it and would want to see it again.

I want to know the makeup used on KStew. I want lipstick!

New Product: Skinfood's Salmon Skin care range

20 November 2009

Final installment of my Skinfood skin care haul :)

Let me just say that I haven't used this yet because I am still using up some products and since eye skin care products are only good for 6 months after opening, I'd rather one or the other to waste.

Here's what I got:

Skinfood Brightening Eye Cream

Product Information:

"A premium eye brightening line that contains salmon egg extracts rich in Omega-3 from Hokkaido (Japan), Norwegian salmon oil and arbutin."
 "An eye cream especially for those skin around the eyes is dry. It has smooth yet dense-feeling texture. It also feels rich and stress-free to use"

Sounds very promising right? I can't wait to start using it. I am slowly finishing my This Works eye serum which is a great product. I actually much prefer a pump when it comes to eye creams rather than sticking your finger in the pot but Skinfood is yet to learn on that :P

Second thing i got is Salmon darkcircle Concealer cream

Product information:

"Contains Norwegian Salmon oil that supplies nutrition to the areas around the eye that lack it. The extracts from Salmon eggs from Hokkaido Japan that work well for brightening by restraining melanin creation and Haloxyl that decreases the dark spots around the eyes."

I think in other words, it's a makeup that is also a skin care.

The brochure that I got contains information that is more like a direct translation from Korean (I think) but nevertheless I am going to try this out very soon.

So watch out for this space for some proper reviews once I get to use it.

If this brand is accessible in your location and haven't tried it then pay a visit and try some products, you might like it.

For those who tried it, how was your experience?

New Love: Prestige Intense Liner (Love love love!!)

18 November 2009

Move over Urban Decay! That's what I thought when I first read about it from this blog. I was actually on my lunch break and decided to just surf the net while eating instead of going out BUT...

I was so impressed with what I read so I made a mad dash to Priceline and almost bought every colour that it came in. What stopped me you wonder? Most of the colours are out of stock so tomorrow I'll check other branches.

In the mean time here's what I got:

Daring Green (a lovely emerald green)
Strong Slate (metal grayish/silver)
Fierce Blue (a lovely metallic blue - my favourite!)

Here's some swatches for you. Notice some delightful inset? hehehehehehe

Can you see how intense they are? Trust me they are intense! This range claims that it's smudge proof and IT IS!! You apply it, wait a few seconds for it to set and your liner is yours for the day.
  • creamy so it's very easy to apply. no tugging, pulling and it's like you're applying liquid liner (Note: just be careful when re-sharpening it)
  • one stroke gives you the true colour hence the word intense!
  • smudge proof! I had to wash my hand with water and soap to take the swatches off. (Note: you will have to wait for it to set)
  • cheap!
  • hypo allergenic - i wear contact lenses and no irritation whatsoever :)
Here's how it looks when applied on the eye. Please note again that this is just for the purpose of showing you how it looks like.

On the left photo (my right eye), I used Fierce Blue on the waterline and Daring Green on the upper lashline with a little wing it effect :P

On the right photo (my left eye), I used Strong Slate on waterline and Fierce Blue (on top of my MAC Blacktrack) the upper lash line :)

And here's a very short video when I was trying to smudge it... :)

So what are you waiting for? Go check it out :P

What I am loving right now...

17 November 2009

A blush that is sooo pretty I could cry! a little bit extreme there but I've found one of the best blushes that my skin tone loves :)

May I present to you my latest obsession... Shu Uemura's powder blush in P Wine 25 (Gloss On)
(Gloss on is the finish which is a sheen on the cheeks for that candlelit effect)

I got this precious little thing in Singapore. It took me 3 malls to find a stock (very popular i tell you). I first laid my eyes on it in Manila when I accidentally stumble upon the counter and it was sold out. I was so confused with the names and finishes as everything is in Japanese.

The colour is so pretty! It is very comparable with MAC Dollymix (which I loved and lost...booo). But Shu Uemura is smoother and the silver sheen/specks are prettier and more flattering to the skin. It's very velvety to the touch and very pigmented but it's not to harsh looking on the skin.

It gives you a natural looking flush on the cheeks. The sheen is a perfect candlelit effect (even on day time) and the texture is just so easy to blend it's a total joy to put in. And oh did I mention that it lasts all day?

If silver sheen/specks is not your thing then try the other finishes in this colour! I really find that clever and confusing at the same time. So you better check the product and the finish before you pay. I almost got the matte one and thanks to some annoying kid I somehow paid attention to what I was buying.

Anyway, here's how it looks like on my cheeks. (Note: this is after coming back from work)

How do I apply it?

I use MAC 187 to apply it and if I am after a more intense finish, I use MAC 129 :) But any powder blush would do.
Shu Uemura is available in Australia but only in Sydney and Melbourne.

What's your favourite blush?

Singapore Holiday '09 - run down

14 November 2009

The second leg of my holiday was Singapore. I've been in the airport a couple of times but didn't get the chance to explore the country until last week.

Before landing, the aerial view is spectacular! I mean you can tell which is Malaysia and which is Singapore. How? - Order! I mean don't get me wrong, i've never been to Malaysia so I dont mean to offend any M'asian readers here but on air, Malaysian greenery is so vast and rich and Singapore's greenery is so vast, rich and organised! The trees are all lined up accordingly! I didnt see (at least on my side of the plane) a single tree left out from a group of trees! incredible i tell you.. LOL

Upon getting off the plane and reaching the Immigration, the order didn't stop. The officers were all lined up ready to meet foreigners and when I say lined up I mean equal spaces between each officers, facing the same direction and no smiling kind. They are fast and efficient and we were out in a jiffy!

The trip to the hotel was great. I get to see Singaporean traffic or the lack thereof. I honestly can say that Singapore is like a love child of Manila (for its weather) and Australia (for the order). I even offered to drive... hehehe (here's hoping!).
BTW - they dont have ticket parking thingy because they are now using RFID! For the IT in me I was sooo excited and envious! I wish Australia would adapt it too because it makes life easier :)

The shopping began not until the next day until the last day of my stay there. I was sooo mesmerised with how many malls they have and how they are interconnected. I can go in one mall and finish all say 4 mall without ever leaving a building.

Singapore is also famous for "underpass link" where you go up then down then up again turn left then down then up and still be in the same underpass link! It's not a boring either because there are shopping stores in the underpass! So a 15min walk through the underpass would take you 1 hour because of all the "stop and look" distraction.

The food is great too! I'm a big fan of Malay, Indian and Chinese cooking and Singapore is the hub for those! I ate and ate and tried food that I would eat in Perth only to compare the taste and brag that i had the real deal :)

I really had fun! Unfortunately, we didn't do any touristy stuff due to rain so we basically did what we do best.... shop and eat!

I would love to go back and do the touristy stuff next time :)

sleeping beauty in the making

11 November 2009

that's me! I was looking for a product that will make the skin looking good overnight. Impossible? well it's Possible in the form of Sleeping Mask!

I picked up my first sleeping mask from The Faceshop and I love it!

It's a clear gel base and smells fantastic. You apply it on your face after moisturising and wash it next day with warm water. It's just sinks in your skin, works overnight then next day you wake up with a great looking skin.

I used this 3 times a week or if I have something on the next day I'll use it the night before. Also it's great on post blemish spot (after picking it..boohoo!).

Will definitely repurchase.

Have you tried it?

playing hard to get

09 November 2009

Let me start with OMG!! the things i had to go through to get this lipstick is just overwhelming!

Let me share, shall i?
  • started in Singapore, i saw the collection and asked for the lipstick - she said out stock and try other counters
  • I did walk the whole Orchard Road all the way to Stamford (7 hours of walking btw) road checking every possible counter just to find this lipstick - still Out of Stock.
  • Finally checked it online and what do you know?! It is still available!!!! so i decided to put 2 on QTY and didn't let me so i put 1 and it went through ... note that i am still in Singapore when this transaction happened.
  • Came back to Perth looking forward to my new package :)
  • Package was sent 29/10 and arrived in Perth 3/11 .... today is 9/11 and still no sign of the package so i rang the post and tracked it down.
  • Package wasn't delivered - Incorrect address! well it's not.... long phone conversation and finally they found my package!! Was told to pick it up in town (Business Centre).
  • Walked to town (10min walk from work).... reached the post and asked for my package and he said "it's in our business centre in so-and-so street, this is the GPO centre"
  • AARRRGGGHHH... so-and-so street is 2 minutes away from my work!!!!!
  • walked allllll the way to work then to the post and finally got my package!!!
so meet the one that played hard to get....

MAC DSquared lipstick in Nude Rose :)

I am a big fan of pink lipsticks and lately i've been very drawn to it! MAC Nude Rose is a repromote from Blonde, Brunette, Redhead collection and I was sooo excited on the MSFs (at that time) on that collection more than the lipstick... so thank goodness for repromotes!

What's special in MAC Nude Rose? - it's a very wearable baby pink with lotsa peach undertone to it which suits any skin tone especially mine (NC42)! I wish it will get repromoted in future collections or better becomes permanent!

Speaking of pink lippie obsession, I picked another one last week and it's MAC Angel which is part of permanent line. It's very close to Nude Rose but I'd like to think they are different and I think they are.

The photo doesn't do much justice but Nude Rose (Lustre) is more on the peach side and sheer while Angel (Frost) is more on blue undertone and opaque when applied... see? not similar :P

No matter what, I love both so equally :) And no matter how much trouble I had to go through in getting Nude Rose, it's all worth it :) it's such lovely colour!!

Here's some swatches:

MAC Nude Rose

MAC Angel

PS. can you spot the difference?

New Love: Skin Food Grapeseed Body Oil Emulsion

05 November 2009

I found a new love (one of them) in my recent holiday and I'm about to share it :)

Meet Skin Food - originally from Korea and is now spread throughout Southeast Asia and Dubai. They have developed skin care, hair care and makeup products based entirely in food based ingredients. I find it quite intriguing and I was determined to get my hands on their products and luckily they are available in Manila and Singapore :)

I bought Skin Food Grapeseed Body Oil - it's one of their new product in the Grapeseed oil range and it's not yet in the website but this baby is already a best seller. I found it first in Manila. The SA applied it on my arms and immediately i said "i'll take one". It's a body oil that is not oily / greasy! It hydrates and moisturises your skin and it works best in humidity and dry summer!

It smells nice and it sinks in the skin so fast you are left with soft and supple skin right after shower. I am so inlove with it that when I got to Singapore I bought my second bottle as back up.

Looks a bit weird at first, more like a salad dressing :) You have to shake it like a mad woman and apply it on damp skin after shower or bath. Another thing is it's not like ordinary oil where when you apply it and go under the sun you get burned (ie, baby oil). Saying that please don't go under the sun in long period without extra sun protection because this baby doesn't have SPF.

It's such a good feeling to have a greaseless feeling after moisturising. I know i'll go back to my moisturisers eventually but right now in this season we're having this is my new BFF :)

It's worth trying if you're keen into food based skin products. This is not a guarantee that it's vegan though if you're wondering.

Keep it away from your salad dressing to avoid confusion. Trust me you'll thank me later :P

Manila Holiday '09: A run down of events

04 November 2009

My Manila trip is now done and dusted! I went home (Manila) to visit my family, have a break from work, suss out the flooding aftermath, meet up with some friends and shop.

(Manila's famous Jeepney)

I did all of that.... maybe a bit more on the shopping side :P
I had quality time with family, caught up with long lost friends, shopped till I dropped and ate and ate and ate.

I gained 2kg in this trip alone! on my last day before flying to Singapore, I ordered 3 deserts just for me! I couldn't stop eating thinking that I won't be eating that again for the next 2 years or so... LOL

One thing that stood out the most was the fact that everyone back home thought of me as this very fat girl. I dont blame them. The last time I was home I was a whopping 45kg and this is the aftermath of my mum's death and other life troubles so no wonder I am that tiny but to them I was "sexy" at that time.

Now that I am a happy bouncing 64kg (was 62kg) and I am considered fat :( I am not that short if you may wonder. I am 167cm or 5'6" so it's not that bad looking but I am thinking of losing that 4kg.. what do you think?

Overall it's a great time off from work and time with family. Maybe next time we'll go on a resort.. i actually picked the wrong time to go home due to typhoons here and there but next time I know better :)

It was short but sweet visit.

In and Out # ?

Again the Queenbee of In and Out called for it.... so here's mine :)


Coming home to Australia - "i've been to cities that never close down....... blah blah blah.... Still call Australia home" - i've never been so relieved/happy to see Australian Immigration.. HAHAHAHAHA

Holiday Skin - i am tanned already by birth/race whatever but after my holiday my skin is ever so luscious to my feel and touch and it shows in photos (very glowy.. i dont know). Products I am using? exactly the same* (i think) but my skin had a break from dry season and was soaked in humidity for 14 days (i think).. so let's hope it stays like this or at least the next few days

SkinFood's Grapeseed oil - i am currently addicted to this. Post is still about to come but it's my new moisturiser since i got back from Holiday. I love it coz it's non-oily (ironic isnt it?) and it sinks my skin so fast i am with clothes after showering :P

MAC Painterly Paintpot - during my holiday, my Two-faced shadow insurance has failed me miserably! Luckily i brought my Painterly paintpot with me and that has been my staple! my e/s just stayed with me all the day.. especially on those catching up times with old friends who use to call me "ugly" :P

Lanvin Eclat Eau de Toilette- i am inlove with this perfume. I smelled it from one of my besties back in Manila *Hi Lani*. I had to interrogate her to know what she's using and she confessed so easily HAHAHA. i only bought the smallest bottle to try it out and I am definitely buying a big one when it finishes. It's a cross between D&G Light Blue and Estee Lauder's Pleasures - well more on the light blue for the first note then pleasures on the last notes.. geddit?

More Blog Followers - it's not as much as the QueenBee but it is definitely more than the last time i checked! It really warms my heart.. Thank you!


Hay Fever - i was free from it for 14 days and now i am back, it's welcomed me open heartedly.

Credit Card Bills - HAHAHAHA after a holiday, all expenses will sink in and you wonder why you ever spent money on that piece of crap.. :P

Weight gain - i gained well say 2kg (ok ok stop hurting my ears - 2.5kg) in this holiday. i just ate and ate food I wont be able to eat in the next 2 years? I had fun though and ultimate satisfaction but my clothes doesn't agree with it..

Smashbox photofinish primer - i think it broke me out. I'll try using it again when i am not hormonal.

That's for now, I am broke but I am happy..

Until the QueenBee calls for it :)

Going HD :)

03 November 2009

If you've been following my tweets lately, you'll know by now that I jumped in the MUFE wagon and got me-self HD foundation and all of the things HD :P

So here's my loot!

Starting from Left: MUFE infamous purple e/s - No. 092, MUFE Kabuki brush bag (yup the brush has a home), MUFE Kabuki brush on top and MUFE HD Powder on the bottom, MUFE HD Primer in clear and MUFE HD Foundation in shade 128 :)

I got these in Singapore. I went to their workshop/store at Stamford House along Stamford Road not knowing that it is also available in Sephora and Singapore has now 2 Sephoras!

I didn't get the Smoky Lash Mascara coz it's out of stock and according to the MUAs there, it is currently out of stock worldwide! (personally, i don't believe that).

I've been using it for a week now and been tested in humidity. To be honest, there's nothing spectacular to it aside from its lightweight factor but it's almost the same with my Clinique's Superfit if i want to really compare it. As for the primer and the powder, well that is another story. So far I am inlove with both and scared of the day that I run out of them :(

The first MUA that i talked to when i was getting the foundation colour matched me on 2 colours, one that is lighter hence a brighter complexion and second is just a little bit darker for a more normal finish. I went for the latter.

Then the second MUA that i talked to when i was getting the primer, she told me to get the clear primer instead of the gold-yellowish one which was suggested by the 1st MUA. I asked Y? and 2nd MUA said that the gold-yellowish primer is good for Asian skin like mine (yellow undertone) but it will make my face brighter in photos. Don't want that!

So far so good. It's been ticking all the Good boxes in my list so no complain :)
  • Lightweight foundation
  • didn't cause any breakout
  • HD powder is for keeps
  • Brush is sooo soft
  • Primer gives you that glowy/satin like finish
  • Looks good in photos! (See my Halloween makeup post for some FOTD)
The only downside in my experience with MUFE is not on the product or the HD range but on the customer service that the MUAs had given me boohoo!! (Note: watch for a separate post on this, i've got some stories to tell)

Have you gone HD yet?

Halloween '09 Makeup

01 November 2009

I pulled a Lorraine this Halloween! I tell you she saved me a lot of time and effort :) To Lorraine, if you're reading this, I tweeted you already but I'll say this again - Thank you!

I didn't have enough time to get ready and think about what I want to be. I just landed and was picked up from the airport then home then to a Halloween party. Like the unorganised me I didn't know what to be or to do on my makeup and that's when I turn to YT land and this is what greeted me!

In my head i was ticking a list:

1. Black dress - Yes!
2. Makeup, is it easy? - Yes!
3. Cat ears? -Fail! but i figure out my ears are cat like enough.
4. Messy hair? - well come on just came out from the plane! my hair is messy enough!

With that list all ticked for Go, i went ahead with Sexy Kitty :)

and here's how it looked like :)

Here's what I used:

1. MAC Blackground paintpot as a base
2. MAC Deep Truth e/s
3. MAC Blacktrack fluidline
4. Faceshop half lashes
5. MAC Graph black kohl pencil

1. MAC Sharkskin shadestick
2. MAC Blacktied e/s - to set the shadestick

1. MAC graph black kohl pencil

1. MUFE HD foundation (Shade 128)
2. MUFE HD powder

YSL Rouge Volupte - (no 2)

Thank you Lorraine :)