REVIEW: Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara

15 October 2009

I am sorry but I HATE IT :'(

More like the brush, i hate it! More like I am scared of it!

1. it's HUGE for my tiny lashes. (proves that big doesn't mean good)

2. the bristles hurt! they are rough and "sharp"

See the photos below.

See how big the brush is? scary I tell you! So many I poke my eyes, scratch my contact lenses and smears mascara all over my eyes :(

But it's not all bad! I am pretty sure this baby is a HG for others but not for me :)

The formulation is great. It thickens your lashes and creates volume. Maybe if the brush is smaller then this can be in my Top 3 mascaras! MAYBE.

So there you go, not repurchasing I am afraid.

I really hope this works for you.


  1. Yeah I got this too but was disappointed! It didn't give much length or volume for me- it was a bit blah!

  2. @shelley - yes, it's very scary! i wasted a pair of contacts coz of the brush :( i am getting MUFE smokey lashes soon .. can't wait.


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