MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator - Week 1

05 October 2009

I was way to excited to try this product from the minute I bought it :) I've waited for it for a looong time :P

Honestly, I missed out with it first came out last year. By the time I decided to get it was sold out already :( I tried eBay but it was very over priced so I just wished for a repromote and the angels of MAC heaven answered my wish and I bet you wished for it too! :P

A sneak peak: (Warning: disturbing... not!)

For my first try, here's what I think:


1. Definitely exfoliates! the granules really feels like it's doing its job. I feel that all my dead skin cells are saying goodbye :) - you can immediately feel the difference. It kinda left that "hole" thing that you see when you prick a black or white head. But once you moisturise it all settles down :)

2. the skins was very supple :)

3. the tube packaging made it all easy :)


1. It's kinda messy to apply and a bit confronting because it's black :)

2. I dont like the smell but once you rinse it off it kinda goes away and it leaves you this men's after shave scent... so it's not really that bad.

Overall, I love it. It's expensive for the size that it comes in but I think it's totally worth it because I can see my blackheads and whiteheads disappear :)

Would i repurchase? well i think the proper word is STOCK UP :) and yes I am stocking up :)

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