L'Oreal Studio Secrets - COMING Soon in Australia :)

01 October 2009

As always, I picked up this week's Priceline catalogue on my way to work to see if there are any great discounts that awaits me.

Sadly, none of the discount offers really called my attention except an announcement about a new range for L'Oreal - Studio Secrets!

For those in UK, this is already out and if you're a beauty junkie then you've seen blogs about this range especially the Smoothing Resurfacing Primer.

Here's my proof! Look at the bottom right with my scribbled arrow and Yay! as a sign of pure excitement upon reading it :)

I can't wait for that primer! I was close to getting it from eBay but luckily i have extended patience :)

For those who already tried the primer, what do you think?

For my Aussie peeps, Are you as excited as I am?


  1. Yay! that is great news:) I am also waiting to get the primer! How soon is soon?!!

  2. @shelley - i know great news isn't it? Priceline said in the coming weeks! i'll them again tomorrow on my way!


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