In and Out #4 (i think)

07 October 2009

The QueenBee of In and Outs called for it so here's mine :)


1. Spring! i love in between seasons.. cold breeze during mornings and nights and warm/lovely during the day.

2. NARS Sheer matte - I've never loved a matte foundation until i met this one. I love it because it gives me that liberty to wack on highlighters without over doing it! (i hope)

3. Holiday - i am going to a very tropical place in 2 weeks! a place where they have Zara, F21 and Topshop! stores that I've been dying to go to :)

4. Babies - i dont have any yet and not in the near future but i have been enjoying babysitting friend's children. some are devil children but i love them all the same. they give me hands on training and they are the best contraceptive... hahahaha

5. Maxi dress - as much i want to wear my old favourite summer dresses i cant coz my ManFriend raises an eyebrow. Modest clothing is the thing and i agree and that's why Amen to Maxi Dresses!

6. Live concerts - i am going to BEP (Black Eyed Peas) :)

7. NewMoon - i already booked tickets!


1. Dry hair - i coloured it recently and i love the colour but my hair is dry. and i am in search for a great shampoo/condition/mask. i am serious! i have Asian black (now chocolate brown) straight hair that used to be silky smooth.. but not anymore.. so i need help!

2. Hay fever - as much as i love Spring, i hate fever. i am scared that my nose will just give up on me and leave me face!

3. BO (body odour) - thank goodness i dont have one or i try not to have one but there is someone in this building that reeks some kind of aroma that my nose is not accustomed with and to think "she" is a beauty therapy student :(

4. Flooding in Philippines _ need i say more?! it's depressing it's not even funny.

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