Holiday Shopping - The Plan + Shoutouts

12 October 2009

Right about this time next week, I will be in a very tropical place :) Can't wait! I love cold weather but i think it's time to just take a break and sweat out and have frizzy hair :P

I wish I am going to a "beach" but unfortunately the picture above is the closest beach I can get (it's the wrong season to be going to a beach to where i am going ) ;) either way I will have a great time (that's for sure).

Now THE PLAN! I need a plan ... shopping plan that is.. I HAVE a PLAN.

Shops that I'll definitely visit are:

1. Forever 21 - i heard sooo much about it! we have similar stores here in Perth and it's called "Forever New" but I WANT the real deal if you know what I mean. so yeah top of my list.

2. Makeup Forever - i dont care what they say but i am getting my HD foundation and that very popular Purple eyeshadow (092).

3. TopShop - I want to get something from that store, anything! :P

4. Zara - i want baby clothes from this place hahahaha but i want their flats too!

5. MAC Pro Store - just want to check if they have past collections coz i like to get my hands on some of them

6. GAP - i want some blazers from this place :)

Any stores / shops you would like to recommend? seems like a short list? well don't get me started with food stores / shop :P (hhhmmm Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, Wendy's)

PS. I am going to mother land :) If you read my blog you'll know where is that :)
PPS: Jollibee is a give away!

Shoutout to my new Followers! I am very happy woman :) keep on following ... giveaways are coming after my holiday :)


  1. Have fun!! I recommend Aldo for shoes in Singapore :D

  2. oh i think i bought underwear from topshop and forever21 just to have something from them :P have fun in the humidity and sweating is good for ya!

  3. @alicia - thanks, i'll look for that store :)

    @suzie - yes looking forward to sweating HAHAHA i think if i dont find anything from topshop and F21 then i'll get some undies :) i was told that they follow US/UK season so i dont think i can get much but here's hoping :)


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