Hair Dilemma

06 October 2009

Help! I am again in search of a good shampoo. Remember my post about Joico Colour Endure shampoo because that's what my hairdresser recommended. Well it's great in maintaining the colour but not in nourishing your hair... OR my hair is just damaged? i refuse to believe the latter :)

So i am again on a hunt for a great shampoo..

Products I am considering based from suggestions and blogs:

1. Fekkai Shea Butter Conditioner and Shampoo
2. Burts and Bees
3. Bumble and Bumble sunday shampoo
4. Korres Shampoo


ps. i just lost 1 follower on this blog and i am sad. it feels like someone broke up with me.. :(


  1. oh I know the feeling I had a few bloggers un-follow me & I feel the same. I agree with you about joico, it doesn't nourish my hair at all. I'm using Tigi Catwalk fashionista right now (literally down to my last drop) and it works well for my hair but my hair gets bored if I use a certain shampoo & conditioner for too long so I always have to mix it up with different brands (always salon products though, its like my hair can see the price tags haha). So far TIGI works the best for my hair in the long run but my hair absolutely loves L'Oreal but I refuse to purchase any L'Oreal products anymore as I don't agree with their testing policies. Wow I typed a lot I better go LOL cya

  2. hi jodie.. thanks for the comment.. i got some samples from Mecca Cosmetica on Fekkai hair mask. i tried it today and i can say that my hair is better than yesterday. it's too early to tell if i should get it or not but good thing she gave me ample samples :)
    well, if they left our blog, they will miss out on our love and care and passion on beauty :)


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