Hair Dilemma: Possible Solution #1

07 October 2009

So I am really in a BIG hunt in finding me new shampoo/conditioner/hair treatment that will make my hair healthy, soft, silky and shiny once again.

Possible Solution #1 = Fekkai's Technician Colour Care Mask

I went to Mecca Cosmetica = my other Mecca ;) (get it?) :P and got me a sample of this mask :)
And I used it today and I can say that my hair is better than yesterday. But it's too early to commit on buying the whole tub just yet.

First Impressions:

1. smells fantabulous
2. easy to rinse out
3. can be used as 3-minute mask or 20-minute hair treatment

I am going to get samples of Korres shampoo today and we'll see about that.

Hair business is not easy. I am getting older and that means my hair is too :(

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