Estee Lauder joins the Pink Ribbon crusade

07 October 2009

"Imagine a world without Breast Cancer" -

Estee Lauder is an avid supporter of the Pink Ribbon and has been involved in promoting awareness and funded a number of research for Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

In 2009, Estee Lauder donated $500,000 to the Breast Cancer Research foundation in connection to sales of its Pink Ribbon Collection.

Pink Ribbon Collection for 2009 consist of the following:

1. Golden Ribbons Mirrored compact
2. Jewelled Pink Ribbon pins
3. Liz Hurley Lip Design Collection (picture featured above)*
4. Evelyn Lauder Lip Design Collection

* Elizabeth Hurley hand-picked the shades for this exclusive set:
  • Pure Color Lipstick in Elizabeth Pink
  • High Gloss in Pink Lady
  • Artist's Lip Pencil in Pink Writer
  • Pink Case with Mirror
Free Shipping applies for orders $50 and above

Estee Lauder cosmetics are high-end quality cosmetics. It's one of those that are pricey but you know that the quality is worth every penny.

If you're a makeup junkie / collector and have been thinking about getting something from Estee Lauder then why not start with Pink Ribbon Collection?

Wear Pink a Ribbon.
Make a Difference.

**Unfortunately, this is only availabe in US.

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