EM on the road: Observations and Findings :)

22 October 2009

I feel so much like a foreigner in my own country! not that it's a bad thing, i get better treatment because i speak in english with a twang?

Anyway some observations that is becoming a pet peeve:

1. women here wear knee high boots in a 37 deg celsius heat! unbelievable!
2. whitening products are everywhere!
3. they wear cardigan everywhere - in humidity!

as for my findings:

1. Charles & Keith shoes are overly priced it's not even funny
2. MNG stores are cheaper here than in Australia - Waaaaay cheaper!
3. Forever 21 stores has tacky stocks! i am sooooo disappointed!

Update: I was told that the Forever 21 shop here in Manila is not the same chain store that is in US, UK, Middle East, etc. and i can agree to that because the clothes are tacky and slutty and just plain bleh! So my last resort is their Singapore outlet.

well that's it for now. i hope i dont sound like whinging tourist :)

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