EM on the road: More Cosmetic Shopping :)

21 October 2009

More shopping! my aim is to get items that are 1. is not easily accessible in Australia; 2. cheaper price than Australia.... and that's just what i did today.

Here's my latest goodies:
Justification :P

1. Smashbox Photo Finish primer oil free - well it's not sold in Australia. Not that cheap though, it's around $40AUD. The sales assistant didn't know sh!t about the product and i think that's very bad because how can you sell your product? Luckily I did some research before han but i was really flabbergasted!

2. Smashbox Anti-shine brilliance - humidity is my greatest enemy here so I thought of trying this product. I tried it today and it failed me miserably :( Maybe i applied it wrong but let's face it how many ways are there? :P I still have hope for this product so i'll keep you updated.

3. *Drum roll please* - YSL Rouge Volupte No 2 -Inspired by Lollipop26 and Lorraine :D
I couldn't justify buying it in Australia as it's sold at $50AUD a pop and here? it's a whopping $35AUD :) so i took the chance :)

I am dead tired and sweaty with all this heat but i am definitely Happy :)

Hope you are all doing well back home :)

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