EM on the road: Duty Free Shopping

20 October 2009

i was told that it's a must and if ever you're buying anything make it something worth tax free for.

so here's mine:

and here's the justification :P

1. Clinique Superdefense - this is sold at $90AUD / 50ml so when i entered the gates of duty free my feet took me to Clinique's counter. It took me 2 duty free stores... (had to compare prices LOL) and the cheapest won. So I got this at Singapore duty free for $64SGD (so roughly around $49AUD)

2. LANCOME Juicy Tubes - i got this on the plane! HAHAHAHA desperation i tell you. I always wanted to a Juicy tube but felt guilty of the price but with the exchange rate and tax free in the picture this is like eating cake with cream minus the calories :)

That's it for now.

More shopping to come.. (i hope)


  1. Great buys! And so much cheaper than in Australia. I'm looking forward to reading about your other purchases.

  2. i love the juicy tubes! makes great presents too


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