Breast Cancer Awareness Month - October 2009

02 October 2009

Breast Cancer awareness month is finally here!

In line with this month's agenda, i am hoping to promote awareness and hopefully make a difference with just blog posts.

During the entire month, I'll be posting Breast Cancer fundraiser / deals / discount / donations that involve makeup / clothing / shoes (all girly things) - related posts.'

Possibly honour some breast cancer survivor, fighter and those who lost the battle.

The Breast Cancer foundation is very close to my heart. As you know I lost my mum from breast cancer almost 3.5 years now and I made a vow that I will help as much as I can in whatever ways to send awareness to everyone about this deadly disease. Donate monies and time and hope to make a difference in somebody else's life :)

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  1. A great way to honor someone fighting breast cancer is at Create a Tribe Page and you can buy these great personalized Tribe Tag necklaces that directly benefit the cancer patient. Check it out -


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