EM is now returning home :)

31 October 2009

Trick or Treat!

Hi ladies! apologies for the lack of post of i've been a little bit busy. Philippines was relaxing and more family time hence a few blog posts here and there while Singapore is just pure shopping mania! I'll have a separate post on my holiday and what i bought especially in singapore :)

I am currently lounging at the airport waiting for my flight home. I can't believe that two weeks is now over and so as my monetary funding hahaha

anyhow, a few posts to look forward to like MUFE haul, maybe some of my clothing haul, new finds in singapore and some ramblings.

I'll talk to you all once i set foot for my beloved Perth :)

Happy Halloween!

EM on the road: Observations and Findings :)

22 October 2009

I feel so much like a foreigner in my own country! not that it's a bad thing, i get better treatment because i speak in english with a twang?

Anyway some observations that is becoming a pet peeve:

1. women here wear knee high boots in a 37 deg celsius heat! unbelievable!
2. whitening products are everywhere!
3. they wear cardigan everywhere - in humidity!

as for my findings:

1. Charles & Keith shoes are overly priced it's not even funny
2. MNG stores are cheaper here than in Australia - Waaaaay cheaper!
3. Forever 21 stores has tacky stocks! i am sooooo disappointed!

Update: I was told that the Forever 21 shop here in Manila is not the same chain store that is in US, UK, Middle East, etc. and i can agree to that because the clothes are tacky and slutty and just plain bleh! So my last resort is their Singapore outlet.

well that's it for now. i hope i dont sound like whinging tourist :)

New Product: Clinique Even Better Moisturiser SPF20

I've never been excited about something new from Clinique until now.

I bought the November '09 issue of Allure US on my airport lounging. First page was a promotion ad for this new product and immediately i thought of blogging it right away.. hence this post.

I have wished for an even better with SPF then they came up with the makeup but i didn't get the right shade for me so i skipped it.

When i saw the promo my heart silently wished for it to be available either in Australia or any other duty free that i might be visitng on my way back.

I LOVE the idea of a moisturiser plus an SPF and corrects your skin tone... I want it now!

Are you a Clinique fan as i am?

EM on the road: More Cosmetic Shopping :)

21 October 2009

More shopping! my aim is to get items that are 1. is not easily accessible in Australia; 2. cheaper price than Australia.... and that's just what i did today.

Here's my latest goodies:
Justification :P

1. Smashbox Photo Finish primer oil free - well it's not sold in Australia. Not that cheap though, it's around $40AUD. The sales assistant didn't know sh!t about the product and i think that's very bad because how can you sell your product? Luckily I did some research before han but i was really flabbergasted!

2. Smashbox Anti-shine brilliance - humidity is my greatest enemy here so I thought of trying this product. I tried it today and it failed me miserably :( Maybe i applied it wrong but let's face it how many ways are there? :P I still have hope for this product so i'll keep you updated.

3. *Drum roll please* - YSL Rouge Volupte No 2 -Inspired by Lollipop26 and Lorraine :D
I couldn't justify buying it in Australia as it's sold at $50AUD a pop and here? it's a whopping $35AUD :) so i took the chance :)

I am dead tired and sweaty with all this heat but i am definitely Happy :)

Hope you are all doing well back home :)

EM on the road: Duty Free Shopping

20 October 2009

i was told that it's a must and if ever you're buying anything make it something worth tax free for.

so here's mine:

and here's the justification :P

1. Clinique Superdefense - this is sold at $90AUD / 50ml so when i entered the gates of duty free my feet took me to Clinique's counter. It took me 2 duty free stores... (had to compare prices LOL) and the cheapest won. So I got this at Singapore duty free for $64SGD (so roughly around $49AUD)

2. LANCOME Juicy Tubes - i got this on the plane! HAHAHAHA desperation i tell you. I always wanted to a Juicy tube but felt guilty of the price but with the exchange rate and tax free in the picture this is like eating cake with cream minus the calories :)

That's it for now.

More shopping to come.. (i hope)

Excellent Makeup on the road

19 October 2009

EM Team is on the road! Holiday!!!

Watch this space for new makeup finds and what not :)

We are still yet to purchase our duty free item! It's a must :p

Hope you're having a great day :)

PS. airport lounging is boring :( thanks to free wireless!

REVIEW: Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara

15 October 2009

I am sorry but I HATE IT :'(

More like the brush, i hate it! More like I am scared of it!

1. it's HUGE for my tiny lashes. (proves that big doesn't mean good)

2. the bristles hurt! they are rough and "sharp"

See the photos below.

See how big the brush is? scary I tell you! So many I poke my eyes, scratch my contact lenses and smears mascara all over my eyes :(

But it's not all bad! I am pretty sure this baby is a HG for others but not for me :)

The formulation is great. It thickens your lashes and creates volume. Maybe if the brush is smaller then this can be in my Top 3 mascaras! MAYBE.

So there you go, not repurchasing I am afraid.

I really hope this works for you.

OPI Pink of Hearts 2009 supports Pink Ribbon

14 October 2009

It's finally here! OPI Pink of Hearts 2009 is now available at David Jones and at selected nail salons nationwide.

I got it from David Jones after stalking the stand everyday! I visit the stand every single day and even called OPI Australia and DJ's customer server to ask if it's in stock :P

I first saw it on NBCF's Pink Products and told myself that I have to get it and I did!

It's a lovely milky pink (sooo pretty!). Very work friendly and soft and femine. I really love it :)

And here's the best part - OPI is donating 100% profit for every purchase of the nail polish.

Why not choose this colour on your next mani/pedi sesh :)
Thank you OPI :)

NARS Cleansing Oil - Now Available in Australia

I was informed by Mecca Cosmetica that this is now available in store.
$85 AUD
"Begin an exceptional cleansing experience with this gentle yet effective makeup cleansing oil that removes makeup and surface impurities, without leaving behind an oily residue. This lush formulation softens the skin to reveal a refreshed and supple complexion. To use apply two or three pumps of cleansing oil to wet or dry palms. Gently massage onto face using circular motions to loosen makeup and impurities. Rinse with warm water. Follow with facial cleanser. "
I am thinking if I should try this now..hhmm.. i am still not half my Shu Uemura Cleansing oil so it's not really smart to buy this however I can get some samples just for the sake of testing and blogging :P
So watch this space because I'll definitely get some samples, try it out and blog about "first impression" then when I am ready to buy the full bottle I'll do a proper review :)

New Love: Natural Instincts Hair care

13 October 2009

The search is finally over for now! I found my new shampoo and conditioner and it ain't expensive and still effective and environment friendly :)

I went with my Natural Instincts! ;)

This was recommended by my boss after having a bout on how i hated my hair and can't find the right shampoo. I told her all the samples i got from Korres and Fekkai and still unhappy. So I just asked her with a simple question and voila my new shampoo!

It's organic so I can say that it's the same as what Korres shampoo and conditioner promises only cheaper.

To be honest, I was hesitant to try it out only because I had bad experience with organic hair care products but this one is Love :)

I've been using it for 1.5 weeks and my hair improved since day 1. Here's a list of reasons why i am happy with this product:

1. Organic - so no build up
2. can be used daily (pH balance)
3. Cheap - available in every leading pharmacy / chemist
4. Smells like lavender :)
5. Makes my hair shiny, clean and healthy
6. Australian Owned - feels great to be supporting Australian products :)

I rate this 5 out 5 and would definitely repurchase :)

By the way, if you're Vegan then this product is vegan approved.

PS. Thanks to my boss for the suggestion!

Holiday Shopping - The Plan + Shoutouts

12 October 2009

Right about this time next week, I will be in a very tropical place :) Can't wait! I love cold weather but i think it's time to just take a break and sweat out and have frizzy hair :P

I wish I am going to a "beach" but unfortunately the picture above is the closest beach I can get (it's the wrong season to be going to a beach to where i am going ) ;) either way I will have a great time (that's for sure).

Now THE PLAN! I need a plan ... shopping plan that is.. I HAVE a PLAN.

Shops that I'll definitely visit are:

1. Forever 21 - i heard sooo much about it! we have similar stores here in Perth and it's called "Forever New" but I WANT the real deal if you know what I mean. so yeah top of my list.

2. Makeup Forever - i dont care what they say but i am getting my HD foundation and that very popular Purple eyeshadow (092).

3. TopShop - I want to get something from that store, anything! :P

4. Zara - i want baby clothes from this place hahahaha but i want their flats too!

5. MAC Pro Store - just want to check if they have past collections coz i like to get my hands on some of them

6. GAP - i want some blazers from this place :)

Any stores / shops you would like to recommend? seems like a short list? well don't get me started with food stores / shop :P (hhhmmm Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, Wendy's)

PS. I am going to mother land :) If you read my blog you'll know where is that :)
PPS: Jollibee is a give away!

Shoutout to my new Followers! I am very happy woman :) keep on following ... giveaways are coming after my holiday :)

Estee Lauder joins the Pink Ribbon crusade

07 October 2009

"Imagine a world without Breast Cancer" - www.esteelauder.com

Estee Lauder is an avid supporter of the Pink Ribbon and has been involved in promoting awareness and funded a number of research for Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

In 2009, Estee Lauder donated $500,000 to the Breast Cancer Research foundation in connection to sales of its Pink Ribbon Collection.

Pink Ribbon Collection for 2009 consist of the following:

1. Golden Ribbons Mirrored compact
2. Jewelled Pink Ribbon pins
3. Liz Hurley Lip Design Collection (picture featured above)*
4. Evelyn Lauder Lip Design Collection

* Elizabeth Hurley hand-picked the shades for this exclusive set:
  • Pure Color Lipstick in Elizabeth Pink
  • High Gloss in Pink Lady
  • Artist's Lip Pencil in Pink Writer
  • Pink Case with Mirror
Free Shipping applies for orders $50 and above

Estee Lauder cosmetics are high-end quality cosmetics. It's one of those that are pricey but you know that the quality is worth every penny.

If you're a makeup junkie / collector and have been thinking about getting something from Estee Lauder then why not start with Pink Ribbon Collection?

Wear Pink a Ribbon.
Make a Difference.

**Unfortunately, this is only availabe in US.

In and Out #4 (i think)

The QueenBee of In and Outs called for it so here's mine :)


1. Spring! i love in between seasons.. cold breeze during mornings and nights and warm/lovely during the day.

2. NARS Sheer matte - I've never loved a matte foundation until i met this one. I love it because it gives me that liberty to wack on highlighters without over doing it! (i hope)

3. Holiday - i am going to a very tropical place in 2 weeks! a place where they have Zara, F21 and Topshop! stores that I've been dying to go to :)

4. Babies - i dont have any yet and not in the near future but i have been enjoying babysitting friend's children. some are devil children but i love them all the same. they give me hands on training and they are the best contraceptive... hahahaha

5. Maxi dress - as much i want to wear my old favourite summer dresses i cant coz my ManFriend raises an eyebrow. Modest clothing is the thing and i agree and that's why Amen to Maxi Dresses!

6. Live concerts - i am going to BEP (Black Eyed Peas) :)

7. NewMoon - i already booked tickets!


1. Dry hair - i coloured it recently and i love the colour but my hair is dry. and i am in search for a great shampoo/condition/mask. i am serious! i have Asian black (now chocolate brown) straight hair that used to be silky smooth.. but not anymore.. so i need help!

2. Hay fever - as much as i love Spring, i hate fever. i am scared that my nose will just give up on me and leave me face!

3. BO (body odour) - thank goodness i dont have one or i try not to have one but there is someone in this building that reeks some kind of aroma that my nose is not accustomed with and to think "she" is a beauty therapy student :(

4. Flooding in Philippines _ need i say more?! it's depressing it's not even funny.

Hair Dilemma: Possible Solution #1

So I am really in a BIG hunt in finding me new shampoo/conditioner/hair treatment that will make my hair healthy, soft, silky and shiny once again.

Possible Solution #1 = Fekkai's Technician Colour Care Mask

I went to Mecca Cosmetica = my other Mecca ;) (get it?) :P and got me a sample of this mask :)
And I used it today and I can say that my hair is better than yesterday. But it's too early to commit on buying the whole tub just yet.

First Impressions:

1. smells fantabulous
2. easy to rinse out
3. can be used as 3-minute mask or 20-minute hair treatment

I am going to get samples of Korres shampoo today and we'll see about that.

Hair business is not easy. I am getting older and that means my hair is too :(

Hair Dilemma

06 October 2009

Help! I am again in search of a good shampoo. Remember my post about Joico Colour Endure shampoo because that's what my hairdresser recommended. Well it's great in maintaining the colour but not in nourishing your hair... OR my hair is just damaged? i refuse to believe the latter :)

So i am again on a hunt for a great shampoo..

Products I am considering based from suggestions and blogs:

1. Fekkai Shea Butter Conditioner and Shampoo
2. Burts and Bees
3. Bumble and Bumble sunday shampoo
4. Korres Shampoo


ps. i just lost 1 follower on this blog and i am sad. it feels like someone broke up with me.. :(

MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator - Week 1

05 October 2009

I was way to excited to try this product from the minute I bought it :) I've waited for it for a looong time :P

Honestly, I missed out with it first came out last year. By the time I decided to get it was sold out already :( I tried eBay but it was very over priced so I just wished for a repromote and the angels of MAC heaven answered my wish and I bet you wished for it too! :P

A sneak peak: (Warning: disturbing... not!)

For my first try, here's what I think:


1. Definitely exfoliates! the granules really feels like it's doing its job. I feel that all my dead skin cells are saying goodbye :) - you can immediately feel the difference. It kinda left that "hole" thing that you see when you prick a black or white head. But once you moisturise it all settles down :)

2. the skins was very supple :)

3. the tube packaging made it all easy :)


1. It's kinda messy to apply and a bit confronting because it's black :)

2. I dont like the smell but once you rinse it off it kinda goes away and it leaves you this men's after shave scent... so it's not really that bad.

Overall, I love it. It's expensive for the size that it comes in but I think it's totally worth it because I can see my blackheads and whiteheads disappear :)

Would i repurchase? well i think the proper word is STOCK UP :) and yes I am stocking up :)

MAC Style Black is now available in Australia + shoutouts!

MAC Style Black is now available in Australia :)

It's not available online but definitely in stores now.

I was told that it is going to be out this Thursday until I saw a tweet from Alilovesya this morning.. Hi Alicia!*

So on my lunch break - when I tend to be more productive than ever in terms of shopping, I went and got me my Volcano Ash Mask and Exfoliator.

I love the packaging! It's mess-friendly unlike the tub ones in the previous collection, this time it comes in tubes which is way easier so kudos to MAC for thinking it through :P

Here's my ever so clear haul photo (not!)... i promise I'll work on a better camera... hint hint - New iPhone! waaahhh.. :)

Happy and excited to use it! If I like it then I'll stock up. A lot of people told me to stock up but I am not jumping to that yet.. I am torn though, i want to follow them but then I dont want to spend more.. HAHAHAHA
*Alicia and I met at a beauty/makeup counter for a makeover. She's a fantastic MUA and very friendly. She's on YouTube and Twitter (Alilovesya) and if you're in Perth WA, then you're in luck because she's available for bookings :)

GHD joins the Pink fight!

04 October 2009

ghd has released a 2009 limited edition Pretty in Pink box set!

It includes:
  • The iconic baby pink ghd IV styler with matching baby pink plates (this is very cute)
  • Baby pink tote bag
  • Baby pink heat resistant styler pouch
  • 2x baby pink sectioning clips
  • A beautiful carrier box with rope handle

ghd will donate $30 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

NOTE: These limited edition pink box set is only available in participating ghd approved salons. Please avoid immitations.

For more info visit -

I've been postponing this for a while. I wanted the ghd styler since my close friend got hers and raved about it. I think this is the perfect time to buy it. Let's face it ghd is quite expensive but knowing that some proceeds go the Pink Ribbon foundation then it's all worth it :)

Bobbi Brown goes Pink!

02 October 2009

Bobbi Brown is a proud supporter of Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Foundation. She's currently released a Limited Edition - Pink Ribbon Collection worth $40 (USD)

The Shipping is FREE for this item all month!

It's a lip set featuring Blush Pink Creamy Lip Colour and Pink Crystal Lip Balm.

"With your purchase of Bobbi's Pink Ribbon Collection, you are contributing to Bobbi Brown's donation of $35,000 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, whose mission is to achieve prevention and cure for breast cancer in our lifetime by providing critical funding for innovative clinical and translational research at leading medical centers worldwide, and increasing publich awareness about good breast health" - www.bobbibrown.com

If you're a makeup junkie and wants to collect all beautiful things makeup - then this is a great reason to splurge :)

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - October 2009

Breast Cancer awareness month is finally here!

In line with this month's agenda, i am hoping to promote awareness and hopefully make a difference with just blog posts.

During the entire month, I'll be posting Breast Cancer fundraiser / deals / discount / donations that involve makeup / clothing / shoes (all girly things) - related posts.'

Possibly honour some breast cancer survivor, fighter and those who lost the battle.

The Breast Cancer foundation is very close to my heart. As you know I lost my mum from breast cancer almost 3.5 years now and I made a vow that I will help as much as I can in whatever ways to send awareness to everyone about this deadly disease. Donate monies and time and hope to make a difference in somebody else's life :)

L'Oreal Studio Secrets - COMING Soon in Australia :)

01 October 2009

As always, I picked up this week's Priceline catalogue on my way to work to see if there are any great discounts that awaits me.

Sadly, none of the discount offers really called my attention except an announcement about a new range for L'Oreal - Studio Secrets!

For those in UK, this is already out and if you're a beauty junkie then you've seen blogs about this range especially the Smoothing Resurfacing Primer.

Here's my proof! Look at the bottom right with my scribbled arrow and Yay! as a sign of pure excitement upon reading it :)

I can't wait for that primer! I was close to getting it from eBay but luckily i have extended patience :)

For those who already tried the primer, what do you think?

For my Aussie peeps, Are you as excited as I am?

20% Becca Cosmetics at Adore Beauty (Online)

There is a 20% discount off Becca Cosmetics on Adore Beauty online store.

Offer ends on 18 October or while stocks last :)
I am not sure if they ship overseas but just try for those who are outside Australia.They Ship overseas :)

If you're a fan of Becca Cosmetics then here's a great discount offer :)
PS. I am planning in getting the SPF 30+ primer :)