Trying Out: Nars Sheer Glow & Matte Foundation

10 September 2009

I am currently trying out these 2 foundations: Nars Sheer Glow and Nars Sheer Matte Foundations.
I got some samples from Mecca Cosmetica the other day hoping to meet my new HG foundation.
The MUA applied the sheer glow and still gave me both samples.
When she applied sheer glow, I can immediately say that it's indeed lightweight and sheer but still covers what you need to cover and still feel likes you have nothing on. (Impressive i tell you!)
Sounds to good to be true? well that's just my first impression.
The following day I tried on the Sheer Matte and to be honest I didn't find any difference.
According to Nars cosmetics, this "sheer" formulation is more like a treatment and foundation in one. It promises to improve your skin texture over time. I thought it's similar to Clinique's even better makeup sans the SPF.
Anyway, i think i'll get one at the end of the month. Which one? well don't know yet. I'll have to try it for a week at least then decide.
One thing i noticed was I didn't have to set it with powder which is pretty impressive. I hate that sticky feeling when you apply liquid foundation and it only goes away when you set it with powder? with this one, it sinks in to your skin and doesn't require powder to set. at least for me.
hopefully some of you who bought this can give me advice?
i am leaning to Sheer Matte only becasue of my skin type - Normal to oily skin.


  1. Wow I can't wait for your review!!!.

    I'm doing a big blog give away, including a Vitacreme B12 + 17 more items hope you can enter :)


  2. oooh I want to try too:) Sounds pretty good. I am looking for something for my wedding....the LM silk creme might be too oily for malaysia in humid conditions! I get super shiny!

  3. @ena - i really want to get one.. which one is still a decision to make :)

    @shelley - go for the matte lah :) well today my skin stayed matte all day although it's freezing today so can't really tell :)
    get a sample from Mecca, get both as well.


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