Spa in a pencil - Utowa's Nude White Eye Crayon

23 September 2009

I've been in search of THE "white" eyeliner ever since I knew about the trick. You know, white eyeliner makes the eyes look bigger and less tired :)

I know MAC has one called "Fascinating" but I always think that white is very harsh colour on my skin tone (NC40) and that's why i've been trying to stay away from it.

I heard about the Stila eye kohl BUT i find it so creamy that i know for sure it will just melt off my eyes.

So clearly I was losing hope and was close to just giving up until a makeup artist at my favourite Mecca cosmetica recommended UTOWA cosmetics.

After some heart to heart talk LOL I finally got my white eyeliner - i got the UTOWA Eye Crayon in Nude White

What i like about it is that it's not really white-white but more like a Beige/cream/nude which I think is more suitable for my NC40 skin, more natural :)

I like the formulation because it's not that creamy yet it's not that dry so it sits perfectly on your waterline :)

It's great for contact lense wearer like me. I didn't get any irritations or anything and it's long lasting. I think it helped that i primed my lower lash line with a paintpot :)

Here's a swatch so you can see what I mean by Nude beige instead of white-white

The MUA at Mecca said that this pencil was tagged as Spa in a pencil :)

I love it :)

PS. if you look at MAC Girl About Town (post) photo - you'll see how this eyeliner looks like on my eyes :)


  1. I agree that white is too harsh/obvious looking, I use a silver pencil from The Body Shop for my waterline!

  2. I love that pencil too, it's like magic.

  3. @Laura - tnx for the tip! i might try that as well :)

    @GlossQueen - yes! i love it! i've been getting compliments everytime i wear it!


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