pleasant surprise!

10 September 2009

It was a bad day at work today. One of those when one thing stops working after the other. I was close to crying to be honest and fasting didn't really help me to have that extra tolerance and patience that i need so bad but i tried real hard to be as tolerant and patient today.... i needed to buy something to cheer me up!

Anyway, while shopping for groceries and perusing the aisles for that elusive panty liner my eyes caught this .... ta da!!!

(Note: this could be out in other states for all I know so don't quote me that it just arrived in Australia. I bought this from Coles Mirrabooka in case you're wondering.)

This was released in US around 3 months ago? and in UK 2 months ago? I considered eBay so many times but somehow I gave it a miss :) But now it's finally in my hands!

I'll do a review soon :) (so exciting!)

I am still tired and grumpy but somehow I feel like a winner for finding this unexpectedly :)

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