New Love: NARS Sheer Matte Foundation

21 September 2009

I finally made my decision! I chose NARS Sheer Matte foundation. Don't get me wrong, it was a tough decision because i love both formulation and i wish i can afford to take both but I can't so it came down to the "season" as my major criteria of selection.. LOL

Since it's spring is in and soon it's summer so I would really love to be shine free and a matte foundation can help me achieve that hence the arrival of my new love!


  1. Sheer yet it gives your skin the coverage you wanted
  2. Lightweight so it feels like there's nothing on your skin (love!)
  3. Easy to work with - i use my fingers if i am late and brush if i've got time and still get the same results :)
  4. I find that i don't have to set it with powder :) but you have to remember - this is the matte formulation so maybe that's why.
  1. pricey :(
  2. It doesn't have a pump BUT that is solved!!! The following day after I got it, I went back to Mecca Cosmetica and asked if they sells pumps and they don't anymore BUT he gave me one from one of the old testers! Much appreciated :) now that's what I call Customer Service :)

This foundation is available at Mecca Cosmetica and I got the shade Barcelona (Medium 4)

Thank you for the lovely Eid present :) Eid Mubarak! I am easily pleased. Buy me makeup and I am pleased HAHAHAHA


  1. Hello! Glad u made your decision! I was waiting for it! ehhe Anyway lollipop26 on youtube said she preferred the sheer I am so confused! They both sound really good!

  2. hi :) i know i just watched her vid as well :) well accdg to the MUA, matte is great for oily-combination skin while glow for dry-normal skin.

    get both samples and try it.

    i'll get the sheer glow in winter :)


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