New Love: Joico Colour Endure Shampoo & Conditioner

29 September 2009

Product love!! Joico Colour Endure shampoo and conditioner :)

I recently coloured my hair - more like my long overdue root touch up. At the salon they didn't blow dry my hair using that round thing brush or any other product except this shampoo and conditioner and my hair has never been softer and healthier even after colour.

I've been using it for 2 weeks now and I am really happy I bought it coz it wasn't that cheap compared to what I normally use before but it's worth every penny :)

1. keeps the colour looking vibrant and new
2. keeps my hair healthy and moisturised
3. I conditions hair for easy stylin' - trust me! 
4. Tames my hair :)


1. $25 AUD per bottle - but it's worth every penny! 
2. Shampoo is not bubby and i am used to bubbles.. HAHA
3. Conditioner doesn't have that lovely smell - again I am used to Herbal Essence :)

Will I repurchase? Yes unless i found something better :)

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  1. Hello:) I love herbal essense too- just for the smell! My hair always gets boofy after a wash but at the hair salon they always give soft and smooth hair which I can't acheive at home:( Maybe its the products huh? ANyways I tried the BB corrector today and its very good:) Glad I bought it then! hehe


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