New Love: FaceShop's Oil Control Pre-makeup (Span)

01 September 2009

I found a product that controls oil, smooths and prep your skin pre-makeup, lightweight, effective and cheap! Yep, Cheap!

My New Love - FaceShop (Span) Oil Control Pre-makeup :)

I only apply this on my T-Zone where I normally get oily midday or end of the day. I've been using this for a week now and I am quite amazed with it. I give it 8 out 10 if I were to rate it.

Longevity wise, it lasts 7-8 hours which is perfect because I work 8 hours a day.

Effectiveness, I find it quite effective. Not the best product but definitely does its job. I wonder how this will hold up in summer or when it's humid so watch this space for more updates in the coming months.

Texture wise, it's a clear gel like consistency that is applied easily on skin and smooths the skin and makes foundation stay longer :) I personally prefer clear bases over white cream bases. It just puts me at ease that I don't look like a clown with white face :P

Price wise, I got this for $16.95AUD which is cheap in my opinion :) (FYI: I was told this is Php375.00 in Philippines which is around $10AUD)

Overall, I like and I think I will repurchase. I am very comfortable with Faceshop's skin care products. I feel that it caters for Asian skin although don't let my opinion stop you from trying this if you're not Asian because I am pretty sure this is marketed for women who love to pamper and take care of their skins.

Have you tried this product? How do you find it?


  1. OH you went to the face shop yeahhhh :) i just discovered that on Sunday :) i must go in there and try that product now you've mentioned it :)

  2. Wow! My marriage is within a month… Thanks for sharing your link…


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