Name and Shame

01 September 2009

As a response to Lollipop26's post, here's my worst Customer service encounter.

Note: Gist of the story is MUA doesn't know the product exists and i told her it does. I edited this to make it funnier but it's as close to the what have happened.

It was the day i decided to get MAC SOft Ochre Paintpot. (great day to be honest!)

I did my research, i checked the website and saw it there, no out of stock note next to it. So i thought i'd rather get it in person than buy it online to save me from postage cost.

So I called the counter first and asked if they have a stock and here's how it went:

*Ring, ring, ring

MUA: Welcome to MAC *cough cough* David Jones, this is the bitch , how may I help you?

MsChikee: Hello
MsChikee: I'm wondering if you have a stock of Soft Ochre paintpot?
MUA: Sorry what paintpot?
MsChikee: Soft Ochre - the matte yellowish/beige
MUA: We don't have that paint pot in MAC, are you sure it's from MAC? it could be one of those limited edition you know
MsChikee: It was but now it's permanent and I saw it on the website
MUA: Well, we have in stock everything that is on the website but i don't know what soft ochre you're talking about
MsChikee: is it a Pro-colour?
MUA: We are not a pro store (in a very condescending tone BTW)
MsChikee: I know you're not a pro store my question is, is it a pro colour?
MUA: you will have to call them, ok i am serving customer now. i can't help you anymore

*MUA hangs up

I was in rage that day...

so I rang the Myer's counter and the MUA there was VERY HELPFUL. She told me that it's a pro colour in Australia and that it's easier to order online or via phone and she gave me the number to call.

I wished I've asked for the manager but then again she hang up.

Ok I feel better now :)


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