In and Out # 3

04 September 2009


1. Shu Uemura cleansing oil - this stuff works wonders. it still painful to pay the price for it but it really does the job and it does brilliantly. I only use this one when i have a full makeup on or when i am in a pampering night mode.

2. shiseido lash curler - my lashes have never been happy to meet this gem :)

3. flatform/pump shoes - i love it. i currently own one from ninewest that i love so much. they just released new colours and i am soooo tempted to get it... we'll see if it calls out to me.

4. aveda pure abundance - i just said goodbye to limp hair last week :)

5. Chanel coco mademoiselle - i feel so posh when i wear this even if i am in my uggs and track pants, i feel very glamourous

6. MAC Cream colour base in Crush Bougainvillea - i can never fall out of love with this one. it's the perfect blush colour when you dont feel like wearing makeup but want to look good :)


1. Losing a blush - i love my MAC dollymix :( i am still deeply saddened by it

2. split ends - i am sooooo tempted to cut my hair! should i? would i?

3. B.O. (body odour) - there is one girl in my building that has a massive B.O. she's sooo pretty but with B.O. i wonder how can i help her?

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