Hot Pink Lips - I want!

13 September 2009

After a long day of cooking yesterday (8 hours! for 5 mains and 4 desserts) - I was tired beyond exhaustion but having your friends eat your hard labour of love food made it all worth it :) However, I still felt that I needed an ultimate reward HAHAHA (reasons to shop i tell you)

As my reward, i got myself a new lippie from MAC called Girl About Town
It's a bright fuschia pink that is IN this spring! My inspiration is this photo of KimKardashian!

Make up was done by Troy Jensen and I found this pic from his old blog site where he described how he did this look.

I love bold colours on lips just because my sense of style is often boring with my neutral choice of colours on clothes so I like to get that extra ooommph from a lipstick.

Here's a on the spot swatch on my lips. I didn't use a lip liner and I should have but just for swatching purposes and pure excitement and not to mention laziness to get a liner, I just applied it on bare lips. It's a bit sporadic but I can definitely see a good future with this lipstick, do you?


  1. Love that look on the photo!! But I don't think I can pull that off!! :)

  2. I think i found the same colour in one of the Revlon Matte Range. I was looking at it and was like WOW that is a beautiful color but not sure if I can pull it off.


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