Because of Looklet

16 September 2009

Remember when I was obsessed with Looklet? I would spend hours and hours coming up with outfits on that site and there was one outfit that was stuck in my mind and I was determined to finding a similar design and what not thinking that it's a Europe only stock until I found it in the stores!!!!!!!

Ok, for your visual satisfaction, this is the outfit that I put together in Looklet some many moons ago:

So if you look at the outfit item description on the top right of the photo, you'll see that the top is from French Connection, the other items are somewhat present in my wardrobe already (except it's not the actual brands if you know what i mean).

Pants - skinny jeans, i've got a pair (check!)
Shoes - pink peep toe heels (check!)
Necklace - i got something similar (check!)
Bag - leopard print bag - (check!)

And finally the top......ta da!

I was over the moon when i finally found it! now my outfit is complete and i am a very happy woman :D

I heart French Connection. I have some treasured pieces of clothing from the brand that's been with me for more than 2 years and still look good and new :)


  1. WOW !!!! LUCKYYYY!!!! hehehhehe i love it. Wear it for that MAC thingie you will look hot. I will wear my sportgirls dress. WOOOHOOO

  2. hahaha.. i know i was so happy to see it :) i will wear it :)


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