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10 August 2009


I used up my anti-frizz serum which is from Natural Look called DJ Shine Serum. I have been using it for 3 years and never tried anything but I decided to change that! So instead of just ringing my hairdresser asking for a bottle I decided to go on a hunt!

So on my way home, I stop by the new Priceline store at the train station (i tell you this is going to be a problem eventually, i see myself coming here before and after work) and found this promising little thing... SAMYSILK Anti-Frizz Smoothing serum :)

I got intrigued by the $1 off the original price offer HAHAHA. This is sold for $14.99 but only paid $11.99 so i don't really get the $1 thing! not that i am complaining, i love bargains :)

It says it's lightweight; designed to protect, polish, smooth and add shine; Another thing on the box says "it's specially formulated with 4 micro-silicones and extracts" - so far I like..

I'll let you know how i go with this product in weeks time, follow me on twitter and for sure i'll ramble about this.. hopefully it's positive ramblings :)

If you've tried this before then let me know what you think of it :)

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