TAG: Overhyped and Underwhelmed

03 August 2009

Funny enough I started something HALL OF SHAME and HALL OF FAME on my blog and the former is well suited for this tag :) But I love the idea of this tag that I am doing it too :)

So, here are mine:

1. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser - Like Lollipop26, I was "tricked" into buying it. I did my research and trust me there are a lot of girls who loved this product. It's a good one but definitely not for me. This super expensive moisturiser broke me out like nobody's business and made me look tanner than I already am.. was not happy at all.

2. NARS Lipgloss in Striptease - one word - Yuck! it was like applying paste on my lips.. I think mine was off or something. I even went back to the store to complain but the MA just said this is how it suppose to be. I dared her to show me their tester and what do you know the consistency of the tester was way better than mine and apparently it was a "new" tester... gah!

3. Napoleon Perdis Patrol Conceal It - at one point YT raved about this product. Like how versatile it is and how any and i heard any skin tone will suit this concealer. Even Napoleon himself said "you only need this concealer". Of course I've got to have it and used it for a good 6 weeks. So many times I go to the toilet and I get shocked by how I looked like until one brave soul told me "you look hideous" and from then on the said concealer never seen sunshine :)

4. Maybelline Great lash (Pink one with greed cap) - it was Cleo's best beauty something. YT community loves it and so I got it. It gave me panda eyes on a daily basis and it's water proof. It could be my eyes' fault because when i smile or laugh my eyes tend to disappear - the usual Asian eyes dilemma. Once i met up with this girl and she didn't even tell me the state of my eyes until the BF came and asked "did you cry?" - it was horror!

And Phhhoooff!!! the disappointment is gone! Kudos to Lollipop26 for this wonderful therapy! I know I have other things overhyped and underwhelmed but these are the top 4 dented my pocket and broke me heart... HAHAHAHA

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