New Love: Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil

28 August 2009

In search of new things to add to my skin care, I started watching just "Skin care" videos from YT and saw this vid from Pixiwoo where they talked about Shu Uemura's Cleansing Oil. Pixiwoo and guest on that video talked about how great this product is, how your skin care regime becomes so simple, quick, easy, effective, etc. 

I was convinced 100% and was determined to find it! In fact, i started googling for stockists in Australia and what do you know?! It's only available in Melbourne and Sydney! (NOTE: i was told that this is available in Philippines)

I was already going to give up and just wait when I get a chance to visit a Shu Uemura store overseas or over east UNTIL... a dear friend *Renee advised me that she's going to Melbourne for the weekend :) I don't know about you but to me that's a SIGN that I should get the cleansing oil *sheepish smile* 

The bottle is soooo cute don't you think?

About the product and my experience

1. it's an oil but once mixed with water it becomes like a soap 

Yes! it doesn't feel like say baby oil when applied but you can definitely feel that it's an oil. Then when you emulsify it with water it becomes like a soap.

2. it takes away all your makeup 

it took all my makeup except my mascara although saying that I didn't really apply around my eyes for some reason so maybe that's why. When i rinsed it off my skin was SUPER clean but not dry. :)

How do you use it?

1. Take 2-3 pumps of cleansing oil on to the palms of dry hands
2. Gently smooth over dry face
3. Wet face to emulsify cleansing oil
4. Rinse thoroughly with water

*Avoid contact with water on hands or face prior to application
*In case of contact with eye, rinse immediately

By the way, this is not cheap, it's $105 AUD but you're paying for 450ml/15.2 FL OZ size. It's huge!
It's a bit pricy so we'll see if I will repurchase. I am glad that I decided to get it now though while I can so I can try it out. 

We'll see how we go but so far so good for except the mascara which if you know a trick on applying on the eye area then let me know.

Thanks *Renee for taking the time to this for me :)

My mum once told me to "invest" on skin care because it's your skin's future. 


  1. Hello! I love this too! But i got mine in the normal packaging! I love the japanese manga designs on yours. I just finished my bottle today! I bought it in it lasted 5 months only! But I use a lot to take off my eye makeup too. You're friend is super nice:)

  2. @shelley - thanks.. :) so it lasted you 5 months? that's great then coz it's expensive :P but so far i am loving it.. :) are you using the yellow one as well?

  3. I bought the blue one which whitens skin and is good for pimple scarring? But now I am onto the yellow one again:)

  4. hi ate...ill sure check this one out when i go shopping again...


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