New Love: Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion

29 August 2009

Finally I got my hands on this tiny thing that promises big hair :) I found a stockist in Perth (Yay!) I got mine at Luxe Concept Salon in Garden City but I think you can get it at any salon that sells Aveda products.
I read mixed reviews from beauty blogs that featured this product. More are yay than nay so I think it's worth the try.

I tried it today and to be honest I'm impressed with the concept. It's a powder that liquifies when you rub it on your scalp and if you add a drop of water it turns into a paste. I applied it today on dry hair (directly on my scalp) and instantly I got 'a' volume that I wanted to achieve from Bumble 'N Bumble Surf spray volume,texture, sexy, messy hair. I still love BnB surf spray but I find this potion easier to work with :)

I thought it's only made for short hairs (ie, the Bob) but when I went to Aveda's website I learned Tips, Benefits, Usage.

My Fave tip - To create texture on longer hair, apply potion before braiding or twisting hair, then take it down.  I'll try this tomorrow and if it's succesful I'll post a photo else I'll try again next day :)

I also read that you can use this to absorb oil from your scalp on days that you didn't wash your hair - "dry shampoo". I haven't tried it like that but I might one day. I try to wash my hair everyday but at the same time I try to skip 1 day or 2 in a week and let the natural oils nourish my hair - my hair dresser told me that it's healthy to do that :)

Anyway, this is sold for $39.95 AUD - 20g - it's a bit expensive for the size. I didn't expect it to be that expensive and small but I drove all the way to Garden city just for this so might as well get it and try it.

Look how tiny it is! Either i have giant hands or it's really tiny :P

If you love big, sexy, messy, textured hair then give this one a try :)


  1. Coool, I was at garden city yesterday too :) Cool thanks for sharing this product, I'll look into that.

  2. That stuff looks/ sounds amazing. I want some. I have the aveda phemollient styling foam and it has a really nice honey smell. When I finish it I'm going to buy some of this stuff :) x

  3. Wow you drove all the way to Garden City? Man you are dedicated. I on the other hand do not like big hair and have to find that anti frizz serum that you recommended the other day

  4. @shanghainese - i went on thursday :)

    @christina - yes you should get it and try it :) it's easy to work with and it gives you that effortless oommph :)

    @ Feli - HAHA yes i am a dedicated person :P i dont like frizz too but i dont want limp hair as well... so i use the serum on the ends of my hair then the Aveda potion on my roots :) think of Kim Kardashian - i love her hair! :P

  5. i tried aveda's brilliant humectant pomade and don't think it's worth the money either...

    hopefully you like your buy though! = ]


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