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19 August 2009

yes, my hunt is over for now! I finally found my new eye cream. This Works: Tired Eye Serum

I really like the brand name. It's very positive :)

I did get a sample of this and Kiehl's Abyssine Eye cream. I was far more impressed with This Works than Kiehls.

It's very hydrating.

It actually helped reduce puffiness under my eye.

It's lightweight when applied.

It sinks in the skin so fast.

Holds concealer and corrector in place (ie, great under eye primer)

The packaging is way better because of the pump - very hygienic. I hate sticking my finger in and contaminating the whole product. Pump is always better and cleaner :)

I was told that it actually helps reduce fine lines so we'll see in weeks time if it adheres to my plan to have less fine lines, no puffiness and no tired looking eyes!

The MA also told me that it treats under eye dark circles so we'll see about that also :)
I should be able to do a proper review in few weeks time

Also here's a great info that was on the side of the box, thought you might want to know:

So if you're looking for a new eye cream maybe you want to try this? Get a sample first and try it for a week.

This Works. is available in Mecca Cosmetica here in Australia and it's $75.00 AUD. It's a UK company so I am not sure if it's available in US.

This Works.' products are all organic according to the website which is a great change for my skin care. I am so tempted to try all their skin care :)

PS: Remember that the life span for any eye cream is 6M after first use :)
PPS: GNCXHHD10369442


  1. Hi MsChikee, thanks for the follow, I got mine Lilash from their website, I don't think they do the international distributer thing, if you're interested you can either purchase it from or ebay, a friend of mine purchased it from ebay, a months ago, no problem with the product as her eye lashes are growiinnngg longer and and longer now :)

    Hope that helps :)

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